It’s a wrap everybody! 🌯

Week 9

The post-its are off the wall!
We reached the finish line! This is the end of this project!

We spent this last week tying up some loose ends and preparing an awesome presentation of the whole process! Our Google Slides skills are at a peak, and we are seriously considering using it as our main design software from now on (#not).

At this point we are able to consolidate some conclusions and recommendations regarding the digital tool and the With_Cities website.

We chose Trello as our most efficient prototype. After analysing the results of the field test, we reached the conclusion that Trello was the easiest to use and to adapte to the needs of each project. By looking at its affordances, we can say that Trello has some similarities to our analog process nowadays, which may ease transition. The next step is to test it in another project, involving more people, to see how it goes.

We also have some thoughts and feeling about what went sideways, and what was great, that we will share with the big bosses. It’s a whole set of 11 slides that approach expectations, technical skills, time management, the team, knowledge acquired, prototypes, unexpected turn of events, etc.

So, I guess that’s it… the kittens are gonna take a nap. (#miau)

But don’t go to far! 
Stick around to follow our adventures here at WithCo! 💪👊✌️👌👍🤘