It’s all about the experience

Week 4

We are excited about closing our first research part. We’ve talked to a great deal of cool people that inspired us a lot. To end this exploration phase we interviewed Andres Colmenares, one of the responsible for the Internet Age Media platform, that connects the futures of media, learning and arts, under the lights of the randomness of internet cultures. We were aiming to understand how the internet, the future and the collective thinking could influence the way we may create a digital design thinking process that embraces scale. An important thing we discovered is the potential for this process to become a piece of content by itself, with a narrative adapted to each context. That could be worthwhile and fun for the ones that join the adventure of collaboration.

We should think of this process as an experience. As they started to do with the event, for example. Andres told us that this perspective could change the way we look to what we are building and get an outsider approach. That is one of the great differentiating factors of the event they host in Barcelona, The I AM Weekend. Andres shared some thoughts they had at the beginning: how would we make an event if we were not event makers? How do we create an event as it was an experience? How do we create an event that we would really love to attend?

And these questions gave us some silver linings to think about: how do we create a design thinking process as an experience? A process that we would love to participate on?

That connects a lot with some interesting things we’ve found on our desk research. Perestroika, for instance. A Brazilian creative activities school. They’ve open-sourced their learning methodology.

And the Experience Learning. Yeah, does that ring a bell? If they were able to think about their classes as an experience, and to create ways and frameworks to sistematize that process of creating these experiences why shouldn’t we give a try?

We’ve reached all the research findings and started to deeply analyse them. That´s just one of those. And we are aiming for more. And we are using emojis a lot today.

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