Jumping into the action!

Week 2

After some rest (and rainy weather) over the weekend, we kicked off our in-depth field research with two great chats and a morning visit to the Portuguese Parliament. Though still in the realm of the unknown, we have already find some great insights and a whole lot of new paths we must explore in the next few weeks.

Let’s start with the Parliament visit! At first, such a stale institution might not seem the right fit for a project that is built on digital world, however that’s not the way we looked at it. Sitting on the balconies, we observed, while the President of the Parliament acted just like a community manager, trying hard to keep discussions as civilized as possible and setting the rules on each phase of the voting process. Looking for this kind of analogies (President of the Parliament is in fact a community manager in disguise) is one of the tools that enables us to identify broader things like processes, tools, flows or triggers, that might be common or needed for other kinds of human interaction.

As of the chats, it’s funny these two guys accepted to talk with us on the same day, as they both had strong but almost opposite opinions about co-creation projects. This way, we were able to start the field research with our eyes open to both sides, which is great as it allows us to find new opportunities and questions every time both points of view collide. Let’s get to know them:

Paulo (a former academic who studied participatory democracy) told us how we must split a large number of people into smaller multidisciplinary groups in order to achieve great results. On the other hand, Gonçalo ( Partner and designer at Ideia Designers and teacher) told us how smaller, more local, street-level problems are best suited for this kind of approach, rather than City wide endeavours.

And with this we call it to an end for today. As we start to digest all the information we capture, we are going to be able to share more detailed insights about the different enablers, blockers, theories and the gigantic universe that is co-creation on a large scale.

While you wait for the next post, we will be talking to at least a fisherwoman and reading a gazillion books!

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