Keeping up with the rhythm

Week 3

So, this week started with a super check-in so that all of us here at WithCompany could be up to date with everyone’s projects. It took us part of the morning but it was a good way to start the week. It’s always nice to have moments like this to put everyone on the same page.

After lunch we started wrapping up last week’s interviews. Stuff like sharing it with all the toolkittens (some of us took a long weekend due to the holiday) and putting all the important aspects on the wall.

We ended up doing some desk research as well, and discussing with each other some of the stuff we read over the weekend.

At some point we realised we have been gathering links, and articles, and books, and references since day one; and that, by now, it’s starting to look like a never ending pile of stuff to check. Today was the day! We roll up our sleeves and started to compile all of this into a list (a never ending list is better then a pile, right? I mean, at least it’s organised).

We interviewed Lourenço, a guy that is really into entrepreneurship, who told us about his experience with Define Lisboa. He pointed out the importance of getting others’ opinions in a project like this, as an ecosystem is made of everyone.

This interview went straight to the wall! And now our space is starting to look like something serious!

At this point we are starting to see some patterns between the people we interviewed. And that is a good thing, isn’t it?! At least we were able to understand that maybe it would be good for us to book some more interviews with people that participated in Define Lisboa. And maybe with someone who was not very fond of the project itself, like a hater (e.g.) Let’s see…

We also confirmed some more interviews for the next days with some really interesting people! But lets leave it to the next post.

Ok, stay tuned!

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