Post-Christmas hangover (Part 1)

Week 6

We are back from Christmas! Christmas spirit is still in the air and we love to talk about food and presents, but we have some big decisions to make.

We stoped and stared at the walls for quite some time, and finally we figured it out which pain point deserved all our attention: the analysis process. This is a central part of our work process and one of the most complex. We looked at it from an internal point of view to identify the key aspects that made it so cumbersome and time consuming. We listed all the data sources, data collectors, data holders, data sharing ways and actions that we use nowadays in all our projects. It was a good way of getting the big picture. But this wasn’t enough if we want to optimise this part of the process and make it more fluid. To go deeper, we listed some ‘How might we’s. We did this individually in order to get more diverse ideas and then shared it with each other. After some analysis we identified some that were more interesting, useful and realistic and clustered them in parts of the analysis process.

After this checkpoint we have two paths to follow. The first one is to think about the good looking and ideal tool with all the features we require. The second is to understand how we can prototype a tool (not the good looking one) with easy access software like google docs and excel, that we can rapidly implement in our workflow. We kind of took the two paths at the same time. We brainstorm about this ideal tool in terms of structure, components, and features, while we figured it out how to prototype this features with what we have easy access to.

At this point we decided it was time to present our findings and ideas to the “clients”. It was a really productive meeting! We discussed some ideas and ended up with a lot of references to check in order to make a better prototype.

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