Post-Christmas hangover (part 2)

Week 6


So, the landing page… Our developer is full of work, therefore, not available to help us with the website in a continuos way (he will just take care of the most complex parts). We have a due date for this project so we had to get our hands dirty! After three days or so we are starting to understand WordPress and we are kind of liking it! Next stop: full-time developers! Oh yeah! We are pretty close to finish it, and you may expect updates on this matter really soon.

The rest of the team is doing some desk research regarding the prototype. This is not an easy topic (at least for us). We feel like we are back to the basics! We are trying to figure excel out. This is not a sexy tool, and it’s commonly undervalued, but it’s great in terms of automation and analysis. We just have to understand it and learn how to take advantage of its features.

This week we had a really interesting guest for lunch. We met Pedro, Global Lead Football Performance at City Football Group. He told us about his career path and how City Football Group came to be. He gave us a masterclass about brand, and communicating a sense of community. He also shared some insightful ideas about how they gather, analyse and share information inside the group, in order to uniform processes and communication, and to keep everyone on the same page. Thanks Pedro!

To finish 2016 in a great way, we got a great new! We will have the opportunity to take our prototype to the field, and test it in a real project! We cannot reveal much about this project, but our tool will be used by our colleagues here at With Company, and Miguel (the “just married” guy) will get to go to Porto to supervise and analyse this test.

See you in 2017!

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