Up and down, and all around

Week 3

Remember when we said we were booking some real interesting interviews?
We were all over the place because of it.

We talked with Malik, a 19-year-old entrepreneur on the making. He was a participant of Define Lisboa, so we asked him to share his experience with us. He is a very talk active person and knows a lot of people in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lisbon, so it was great to hear from him.

We skyped to Brasil to talk with Pablo, a multitask kind of guy who is currently working on Inspaedia, a digital collaborative tool to stimulate designers during creative process. He told us about his experience developing this tool, and talked a bit about the importance of collaboration.

We rushed to Liberdade 229 (a co-work in Avenida da Liberdade) to interview Gustavo, a UX Strategist and Managing Partner at SensesLab. He is also a kick-ass pro in collaborative design. He gave us a “master class” on how he manages the sessions and how the whole thing goes. His point of view is that participatory processes are a growing tendency, and people actually like to participate. Collaborative design is a way of connecting people and a way for all of us to create something together.

We took a train to Cascais to talk with Marco, Head of Future at Cascais Municipal Council, and Matilde, Head of the Communication department. As it happens, Cascais is all about involving citizens in public projects. They even organised design thinking sessions a while ago, where they involved citizens and Municipal Council workers. As a public management organ, they recognise the importance of listening to people, and they have the goal to implement co-design processes by 2017.

Back in Lisbon we met with Paulo, Head of Economy an Innovation at Lisbon Municipal Council, and Margarida, Head of the department of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Companies at Lisbon Municipal Council. They were both involved in the Define Lisboa and Made of Lisboa projects in a way that they were the ones who contacted With Company tho develop the project. They told us how the project was from their point of view. We talked about the decision making process (it was a tough one :P), the way people were involved, and what they expect the project will achieve in the future.

This is a lot of information to process! Stay around to know more about where all this is leading us.

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