4 Secrets To Convert Your Potential Clients Through Email Marketing Campaigning!

The biggest fails here are those which arrive at the receivers inbox as unintentional

As the world progresses further and further into the digital revolution, it’s very important to know the ethics
surrounding certain online practises.

It just happens that these ethics also form the basis of a successful email marketing campaign.

1. You need to send regular/consistent emails.

Clearly, your clients and potential clients in your database are important to your business. Sending them
frequent emails shows them that.

However, it’s important to not send your emails too frequently or infrequently. The key is to know
the balance that they will tolerate.

Sending mails too frequently could be considered as spamming, while sending mails too infrequently could
lead to them forgetting your business. So what is the best frequency for sending them emails?

It would depend on the type of your business. If you run a retail store with a quite a lot of daily offers and
discounts, it might be a good idea to email your database a couple times a week with them.

People like cheap things

What about a professional service? Maybe step it down to once a week, focusing on valuable advice in
your business industry.

The key here is to identify the right frequency and consistency of sending the emails so it will help your
clients and potential clients to have your business at the top of their head.

2. You need a catchy title/subject.

Title’s are the first thing that people read when they open their inbox. If your title doesn’t grab the eyes of
your reader within those crucial three seconds, you might as well take the day off and play golf.
(Or work on your writing skills)

Use puns, metaphors and onomatopoeia’s. Don’t know what they are? We all have a friend called Google.

Also, since “science” has shown that it’s not just kids who have an attention span of three seconds, your
title works better when it’s short and direct.

3. You need to strategically plan your email content.

Content is king. Everyone’s heard of this.

If you have successfully grab the attention of people in your database to open your email, congratulations,
that means you’re one step closer to convert your potential clients to a client OR to get more business from
your existing clients.

You need to provide really valuable content within your email. This is probably the most important thing
of all since this will determine your conversion rates.

So what is valuable content to your potential clients?

Let’s take a step back and see your business in a bigger picture and ask yourself these questions:
What will your potential customers appreciate in relation to your business? What are the type of information
your potential customers looking for?

If we come back to the previous example, if you are a professional service business, you might want to
start with informative and valuable advices surrounding your business. Another alternative is to outline the
most common questions you have received in the past from your clients. This will certainly help clear your
potential client’s doubts or questions they may have.

You can also provide these content through various channels. You can try creating short quality videos;
your iPhone can record a pretty good quality videos (we’re not actually sponsored by Apple), or a gallery
of pictures.

The easiest way to learn here is to consume media; go and watch videos on YouTube, go and read books
from your local library, go and take a walk and try and think of something different.

You’ll get exposed to a number of different ideas over time, some of which you can use in the content you
send to your potential clients.

Before you ask, yes that is a screenshot from google images, “email marketing designs”.

4. You need eye-catching designs.

Like your title, the design of your Email Newsletter Design is something else which your readers first see when they open your email.

Think about what will your potential clients want to see. If they are in food and beverage industry, you might
want to try something exciting. If they are in a professional service industry, you might want to make it more
classy looking.

Most importantly, you need to use your brand essence within the design elements. Put your logo in a
prominent position, use your brand colour and shapes accordingly so your potential clients could identify
your business immediately.

Think about McDonalds, when you see yellow and red, it’s easy to identify the colours to their brand
(especially if you add an M to it). Another example is Apple (again?), white and silver is definitely their colour.
Of course, not to mention that half-bitten apple.

Email marketing is certainly one of the most important digital marketing activities you can focus on to help
your business grow. The reason is because you have the ability to reach so many potential clients
(and existing ones) in a very small effort and cost.

However in order to get the result your business deserves, there is quite a lot of strategic thinking and
planning involved. This is a vital part and something that needs to be done right.

While getting the right strategy is priceless, you can actually get the help you need free of charge.

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