Bringing Grace To The Marketplace

So I quit my job after nearly 17 years and decided to be an entrepreneur. A fancy word for having no steady job, but instead relying on creativeness and anxiety driven desire to forge an income. If that’s not enough, I have a family to support that includes an awesome wife who runs our household and has her own essential oil business, and a teen and toddler. But I am free from corporate control and the prison walls of the cubicle. Never will you learn more about your inner self than when there’s no steady income and tomorrow depends on what you do today.

This journey started nearly two weeks ago and between staring at my bank account and multiple stops for gas, I have talked with many strangers and some acquaintances. Obviously, my goal is to grow my business and generate financial independence. But I knew when the decision was made to jump off the cliff of security called being an employee, there had to be a deeper purpose that drives me to get rejected everyday and yet still persevere. I have always had a deep sensitivity to the struggles of life experienced by friends and strangers alike. So although selling a product and my services is my business, being open to hear what’s going on in the life of these prospects and what I can offer them…this has become my purpose.

From Ann, the elderly lady preparing for a second back surgery, I offered a prayer for her recovery. For John, the divorced father of two toddlers struggling to eke out an income and find time to spend with his boys. I encouraged him that kids value your time spent with them over any material possession. I have met countless people of diverse backgrounds that work multiple jobs to survive economically. In these encounters I have to ask myself what can I offer them. The sale of my product and the promise of a business relationship built on trust and integrity. Even higher than these ideals is the opportunity to extend grace and above any sale to bring an encouraging word, a prayer or even a few laughs. Listen, the income will come and the financial independence is achievable, but the true reward always comes back to relationships. Whether its selling the right product and taking a smaller commission, or still seeking friendships with people I may never do business with. If bringing grace to every encounter is what turns the wheels of my business then the rejection and struggle is worth every moment.