How Color Psychology influences Buyers Behaviour

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“A color is as strong as the impression it creates”

Color influences perception but the important thing to remember is that perceptions differ between people,age,sex.It differs how an individual perceives the color.

In the marketing field color psychology plays vital role.Many marketers say color is an important part of marketing.It influences perception of consumers. Companies effectively work on deciding the color for the logo,packing of the product.the packing,logo seem to attract more consumers.If a consumer is attracted by the packing of the good he is buying than the percentage of buying that good will be increased.

Since color is an important factor in visual appearance of product.Diffrent age group people prefer different color.So company must keep on this point while making a product,logo. Some research has concluded that women and men respectively prefer “warm” and “cool” colors

Studies say that 90% of the purchases are influenced by the visual factors. For example:75% of pencils sold in United States are of yellow color as yellow shines with optimism,enlightment,happiness.Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of positive future.

Color psychology effects purchase behavior for appliances also. 66% of people will not buy appliances if they are not of their preferred color.Color increases brand recognition by 80%.

Colors that effects spending are:

· Burgundy-Rich and refind

· Black-Color of sophistication

· Blue-Trust and dependability

· Orange –Fairness and affordability

· Green-Attract eco-minded people

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