How To Design the Perfect Banner For Beginners

In the past, I used to wonder how banners, ads (Social Media), posters and covers were designed. It was difficult to make a beautiful and simple design that would capture the attention of anyone looking at my work. Most times, I could sit for hours without being able to come up with something that’s good enough. There is no doubt that many beginners or up-and-coming designers out there are faced with the same problem.

Take a look at a couple of the designs below. Notice the simplicity and how they communicate the right message. This could sometimes be really difficult to achieve but there are a couple of ways by which you could put together designs as captivating as these.

The method I will be displaying here is going to be simple and straight forward. If you’ve never been to a design school, this might just be one hack you’ll want to learn. We are going to design a banner for a random brewing company called Superstah. Let’s start by selecting an image (PNG file) which we will be using for this example. Every other element will be generated with the help of the original image.

We want our design to consist of the following:

  1. Appropriate colors
  2. Captivating text
  3. Ideal font weight and size
  4. A few extras (i.e. shapes, planes, opacity, shadows, etc.)

Let me walk you through each element.

This is the image I have downloaded via Google images:

Bare in mind that I have already sketched (Sketch Before You Sketch) what this banner design should look like. Now, we need to extract the necessary colors we’ll be using for this banner by going to either Coolors or Adobe Color CC. I like to use Coolors for my color extraction.

To extract a color, go to Coolors and click on the image icon and select the image of the downloaded image (image above). I have extracted the following colors #FFFFFF, #E2EEE8, #69B44A, #374C37 and #D7001C. Here is the color palette:

Let’s apply a fade from right to left on the background using the Ripple Green and Green (RYB) colors. This sheds some light on the background from the left side. This is what is it should look like:

We will also be adding the star and that’s the reason I have extracted the red color. This star also has a border with the Platinum color #E2EEE8 around it.


Next, we’ll be adding the captivating text with a nice font (not too fancy) that’s very readable and a bold font size. The others are just going to be some random text (white color), but as we well know, real companies add real text to their banners or ads.

Having done all this, we are ready to see what we were able to make out of a single image after extracting all the necessary colors and adding a few elements and text. Here is what we were able to achieve using this method of extraction. Enjoy :)

Superstah Beer banner by DesignCrispy

Note: Remember to use the shadow effect on elements such as text. This makes for a pop effect which allows for more focus.

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