My Jump from Employee to Entrepreneur

We all have slow Mondays and anxious Fridays, but there comes a point in everyone’s career when you step back and realize you need something more. The feeling sinks in where you want to get out and start something new. There’s one small problem though: you need money. No matter how exhausting, boring, or slow your week was, you know the check is coming. This is the sense of security that keeps most from making the jump into a new career path, and rightfully so. Being one of the most neurotic & A.D.D. people I know, I knew I needed a plan to turn a daydream into reality.

The first step was announcing my plans to family and friends. Luckily in my case, everyone close to me already knew I wanted to create my own business, so the conversation was easy. The most asked question was how I would make money, you know, after I give up my salary, health insurance, and 401k. I told them I was going to approach my employer, and explain that not only was I resigning from my position, but I would be starting my own consulting agency. At that time, I was pulling in about 25% of my income already consulting on the side. I figured if I could bring in an additional 50% (bringing my income to 75% of my then current salary), I would be able to leave while still being able to pay my bills, and not having to take out a hefty loan.

Later in the week, I decided to speak with the CEO and gave him my pitch. I explained I was going to be leaving my current position that month, and I would love to continue my work with the company as a consultant. He gave it a moment of thought, and clearly explained that if I were to make the move, he would be on board. A feeling of euphoria took over. It was now time to grind…