The Art of Creative Thinking

You don’t need to know all the difficult words to be creative.

Cute kid with same glasses as me.

It’s true.

I’ve gone to law school but ended up working as the creative director of the in-house agency at a fashion company.

How did that happen? I can tell you that:

I was afraid as hell and would not admit it. That made me a bitch, of course.

When I finally realized that it is ok not to know everything, I was lucky enough to have surrounded myself with very skilled and creative people that taught me everything I know so far. I also taught them something. Hopefully.

First, I was censured for not coming from a creative background. But you know what? These things — and other things — you learn by living, asking, reading and being constantly curious.

Now, a bit more confident after what I’ve achieved, I try my best to tell everyone: it’s not about where you went to school, is about the life you build for yourself that makes you able to embrace the newness.

After all those TED Talks, books, articles, and Medium columns we all get in touch with, you’ll still find people that will try to put you in a box and make sure you're not leaving it by saying “sorry, you’re not from a Financial/Consultancy/Visual/Etc. background.

What should you do? Do not give up. Since Malcolm Gladwell could give you much better tips than me in this field, I suggest you to read the 10.000-hour chapter he wrote about persistence in his “Outliers” book.

It is not a university that will make you great at something. Is working, reading, listening, living, and constantly learning about it.