Tips to increase User adoption for your CRM

It’s always exciting when you first implement a CRM at your company. After its implementation, you start expecting that your business will immediately get more customers and grow at a good pace. There is no magic to it. It isn’t that easy and it doesn’t work that way!

CRM can be customized to an extent so that it is able to handle major aspects of your business by itself. But if not trained or catered to properly, you will realize that only a few users heartily adopt the CRM system and use it to its fullest capabilities. The rest are always reluctant to adapt to the new ways of doing things. After all majority of us abhor change.

User adoption is a recurring challenge when it comes to CRM deployments. Slow or low user adoption has been cited as the top contributor to the list of things due to which CRM deployments fail to achieve their goals.

To improve chances of a successful business implementation in your company, here are a few tips to mitigate any user-adoption challenges you might face

Limit Features set in the beginning

There are lots of features available for a CRM system, the list may be infinite. But introducing too many features initially can be overwhelming, and the users might lose interest quickly. Best way is to introduce a limited set in the beginning. Then, train your users to get proficient and accustomed to those features to the fullest. A step by step process is better. Overtime you can roll out more features that would benefit your business.

Bring together the right project team & Encourage them

The project team has the role of identifying and fixing slow user adoption, so assembling the right project team is a must. People pay attention to what the leadership says or does, and if your leadership is active in the CRM learning process and deployment, your team will follow. Ergo, it’s important to actively engage leadership in the CRM and ensure that they are acting as proper activists for the system.

Involve your users from start to finish

It is important to get your team involved from the start, and including them in the decision making process throughout the implementation. This is necessary as to prepare them for the system to come and instill some sense of ownership.

Train your Users

Don’t try to skip the training part. For users to get better accustomed to the system, training is rather important.

To maximize the results of CRM training, users should be taught how to use every part of the system that they will be required to utilize in the CRM. Users should be trained regularly, every time a new feature is introduced so as to keep them up-to-date with the system.

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