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What’s coming next for Toolwatch with our new release.

The journey of making the measurement of the accuracy of mechanical watches as simple and fun as possible has been extremely exciting! There’s been a lot since we launched Toolwatch two months ago. We never thought that we would have seen such a enthusiastic response from the watch community and this is really motivating and telling us that we are heading in the right direction. We have been learning a lot from our incredible users, collecting massive feedback and improving our product along the way. I wanted to share with you the latest stuff we’ve been working on and what’s next to expect from Toolwatch.

Mobile : It’s obvious, a majority of our trafic comes from mobile devices. However, our measures weren’t always perfectly accurate on such devices. Also, network not being could enough would sometimes affect the accuracy of our measures. This isn’t anymore the case, the measure experience is totally reliable, whatever the device.

Homepage : Although having pretty awesome signup rates on our homepage (around 35%), we kept getting questions from users wondering what was behind this signup, how did the product work and looked like. Those users were right. We felt like the homepage needed some more explanation and a fresh redesign ! We really hope you’ll like it.

Facebook signup : We’ve been requested this feature a lot, now anyone can access their Toolwatch account using a Facebook login.

Measure’s accuracy : Having thousands of users doing thousands of measures really gave us quite a challenge of ensuring a high level of accuracy (how ironic isn’t it ?) with our measures. The whole measuring operation has been revamped and is now even more stable and precise.

Watch blog : We’ve added a watch tips blog where we will share our tips and advices to help everyone taking care of their mechanical watches. We really look forward to share all of this with you !

Security : We added SSL encryption, CDN and all a bunch of other cool stuff

Redesigned result page : The result page has been totally redesigned to help you get a better view of your result and help you share it along your friends. We hope that this will help you spreading the love for accurate timepieces !

We also added a hell of a lot of minor improvements, bug fixes, enhancements and so on !

Now, we are focusing on bringing new features based on what our community has been asking us. Be prepared to see some graphs, stats and a lot of new features to help you get the best of your mechanical watches.

Thanks for reading, take care of yourself and of your mechanical watches !



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