You can’t make a post about the future without a reference to the legendary ‘Back to the future’ movies, so I didn’t.

There is no such thing as the future.

Toon Carpentier
Jan 11, 2016 · 4 min read

Let’s take a second to appreciate the fact, that the future is just a made up concept.

It’s a projection of what we think will happen, one of many possible outcomes, at best an extrapolation based on what happened in the past.

We gravely underestimate our power, to shape and influence the future.

The future is not what might happen tomorrow, but what you do today.

Still there are too many of us who get discouraged, by things that might or might not happen in the future. There is no benefit, to feel upset for something that didn’t happen yet and maybe never will. Why would you give up before you even get started?

Truth is, you are the only one who is in control of your future. Start taking control right now and do something today, don’t wait till tomorrow.

Remember, tomorrow isn’t even real today is, it’s just something you made up.

How does this translate to a global level.

We live in very interesting and equally challenging times.

Not only seems climate change be real it is already catching up with us. Equality for all races, sexes and religions should be evident, still intolerance is everywhere. We keep globalising but at the same time some people want to keep the world small. Every European country has a politician that is equally popular and ridiculous, than Donald Trump in the US.

People like Mr. Trump are merely the representation of a trend. In times of (economic) crisis we get scared to lose what we have and turn to conservative/nationalistic people. This isn’t the first time this happend and won’t be the last. It is just up to us to be aware and deal with those situations responsibly.

Many reasons why we could be worried about the future, luckily we know there is no such thing as the future. It is up to us to decide how we want to future to be like, and act accordingly today.

We can’t be like deer, trapped in the headlights, waiting for the future to happen. It is our future and our responsibility.

For all of those feeling helpless and powerless, here are two things you need to know :

  1. It doesn’t take many to make a change. When everybody is silent, it is easy to be heard.
  2. You are not alone, if you do something others will follow.

It is a bit of a mind fuck, but if you do something others will follow.

When you decide to stay indifferent, so will they. If you decide it is time to step up and take action, they will be there with you.

This is not some voodoo magic happening, nor depending on you being really influential. We might all be very unique, but none of us as special as we hope to be. Decided that something is important enough to stand up for, chances are very real this is also the cases for others.

You don’t believe this to be true? Here is a simple way to test it.

Make a decision wether you would share and recommend this very post or not.

  • If you do it I guarantee you that this post will get well over a 100 recommendations.
  • If you it don’t, it won’t receive more than ten.

It doesn’t matter to me which one you pick. I just want you to be in control, and make a conscious decision.

My takeaways :

  1. Stop worrying and start doing.
  2. Find something you really believe in, and step the fuck up.
  3. You are in control, start acting like it.
  4. You are not alone.

Thanks so much for reading! If you enjoyed it, would mean the world to me if you shared it with someone. :)

Toon Carpentier

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Toon Carpentier

My personal website featuring blog and my podcast.

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Toon Carpentier

My personal website featuring blog and my podcast.