Ticket to ride is actually a pretty fun game. Feel free to play it with me if you don’t mind losing :D.

What Do I Do When I Don’t Win?

Toon Carpentier
Toon Carpentier
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2 min readJan 31, 2016

For me winning is a state of mind, same as losing. If you don’t care about losing something small, you will also allow yourself to be ok with losing big.

I love winning. Doesn’t matter if it is a game, an important business deal or just a workout.

The fact that you get upset every time you lose, shows that you care.

Sometimes my friends are concerned, ‘If you love winning so much what happens if you lose?’

Every single time I lose, I’m bummed out, for about 5 seconds. After which I remind myself that I always win, so I start figuring out a way to do so.

  • Was it bad luck? I’ll try again.
  • Did my strategy fail? Learn from my failure, adept and try again.
  • My skill was insufficient? I go home, polish my skill and come back later.

Every time I expect I’ll win, but that doesn’t mean I expect to win all the time.

You only fail if you don’t learn from your mistakes.

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Toon Carpentier
Toon Carpentier

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