Bunnicula somehow renewed for a third season

The Instagram photo.

Chris Kattan, the voice of the title character on the Boomerang original series Bunnicula, announced on his Instagram that the show would be getting a third season.

It’s rather surprising, honestly. The show, made by Warner Bros. Animation, aired on Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings in February 2016 for 6 episodes before being pulled permanently. I didn’t even know it had a second season. It returned in March this year, airing in graveyard spots on the graveyard Boomerang network. It’s fared WAAAAAAAAAY better internationally, and I’m assuming that and the fact that CN USA has the Boomerang streaming service they want to promote are the two real reasons the show got renewed.

The show is produced by Maxwell Atoms, who you may know way more for creating Billy and Mandy and Evil Con Carne. He left Cartoon Network Studios during the terrible live-action phase to work for Disney on Fish Hooks (along with CH Greenblatt, the creator of Chowder, and Mr. Warburton, the creator of Codename: Kids Next Door).