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TooNFT: How Toomics revolutionizes Webtoon Industry via its blockchain-based platform in the Web 3.0 era?

The 3rd Largest Webtoon Platform in South Korea — Toomics enters into the decentralization

TooNFT is an unprecedented blockchain-based platform that will revolutionize the Webtoon, Manga and Comic industry by creating an innovative next generation NFT ecosystem. The core functionalities are based on directing exchanges between writers, readers, and investors without a middleman, creating a transparent compensation system for investors and creators, and turning WebToons and Manga creations into tradable NFTs.

Welcome to TooNFT!

A bockchained-based decentralized Web 3 NFT platform, TooNFT aims to develop an industry leading platform for Webtoons, Manga and Comics. With the industry expertise accumulated by developing Toomics, one of the leading Webtoon platforms with over 53 million users, 22 million MAU and up to 2.6 billion page views, Toomics is set to revolutionize the industry by addressing the most important points of the industry through the innovations of blockchain technology and bringing the TooNFT platform to the wider public. We are excited to embark on this new venture and hope you join us in the growth of this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

What is Toomics?

Toomics is one of the largest and most-visited webtoon platforms with more than 53 million monthly active webtoon lovers around the world and with more than 10 million app downloads globally. It operates in dozens of countries with over +200 staff translating webtoons and successfully promoting them across the globe. In South Korea, Toomics is considered as one of the oldest and top webtoon platforms with the most talented content creators. Although Toomics started building a webtoon platform in 2015, in this short time period it became the top entertainment content provider attracting over 5M in one year and winning of the most popular star app of the year in 2017. In the next couple of years, Toomics expanded to North America and in Asia. These days, branches of Toomics can be found in Japan, the US, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines. Not to mention dozens of large South Korean enterprises and conglomerates have signed partnerships with Toomics to help its global expansion.

How TooNFT plans to pioneer decentralized webtoons?

With the rapid evolution of technological advancements with new developments in Web3 and DApps, TooNFT decided to start slowly switching to the new era of applications which are built on blockchain technology,, that purport to bring the new level of adoption for the IPs that are seamlessly integrated through the Non-Fungible Token standards.

TooNFT is the first decentralized application build on top of the Toomic’s ecosystem, that intends to bring the ultimate freedom and transparent compensation system to the webtoon industry. TooNFT strives to establish a decentralized marketplace through strategically targeting the problems in the market for online comic fans by implementing a transparent compensation system that orients to support and incentivize the creators.

The main goal of TooNFT Dapp is to create a smooth transit from centralized platforms to decentralized ecosystems where content creators will have fair profit allocation by NFTizing their webtoons and trading them in the P2P NFT marketplace.

How TooNFT is different?

The main features of the TooNFT platform are strategically targeted at filling a gap in the market for online comic fans. We are building a platform with content subscription service, community building features, content selection voted by our governance DAO system, NFT for content distribution and profit disbursement.

  • Content Subscription Service - allows writers to publish content without the publishing fee. Aimed at expanding the choices for subscribers while at the same time increasing accessibility for webtoon. Key performance indicators, reviews, views, stars and
  • Community Building- creation of community pages to build a community within the same platform. Community pages, users can express their thoughts and opinions. Serves as a facilitator for fandom building. We plan to create incentives for users to engage in community activities through awards purchased and given to posts and comments
  • Content Selection through DAO Governance - Content selection will start with the discretion of the team and will then move to being chosen votes in our DAO mechanism through the decentralized governance
  • NFT Infrastructure & Profit-Sharing System - Creation, distribution and consumption of stakeholders receive a distribution of profits generated from the content that is pegged to the NFT.

In order to power all the above-mentioned features within the TooNFT platform, TOON tokens are utilized. The TOON token will be the primary unit that will provide the access to all services & features offered in TooNFT ecosystem. Hence, TOON token holders can stake tokens and earn rewards by participating in governance voting processes. Ecosystem participants can directly invest and subscribe to various WebToon content or trade NFT items such as cartoon characters using TOON tokens and pay for all the relevant services within the platform.

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TooNFT is an unprecedented blockchain-based platform that will revolutionize the WebToon industry by creating an innovative next-generation NFT ecosystem.