How to Inspire and Connect with your Audience Every Time

Top 1% Sellers Factory Podcast: Host: Ash Seddeek. Guest: Peter Meyers

To my followers on Linkedin you may have noticed my Top 1% Sellers Factory podcast.

I am going to start sharing with my followers advance access to each episode. This gives you access to some of the offers my guests make available to the audience. I am particularly excited to share this episode with you.

My guest: Peter Meyers: Founder of the Stand and Deliver Group: Stand & Deliver is a global communication and leadership consulting and training firm based in California.

I had the pleasure of seeing Peter’s work and invited him in the past to work with Cisco’s top 50 sales client directors. Their feedback was phenomenal as Peter worked with them on their leadership communications, a must-have skill for anyone leading large high tech sales accounts and large complex deals.

In this episode, you’ll hear some of Peter’s expertise and insights on impactful communications whether you’re in high tech sales or not.

I invite you to check out the podcast episode at this link. Peter has a two-day program on Leadership Presence in San Francisco March 30–31. Peter is gifting a few spots, so make sure you go to the link to check the details. It’s a first-come first-served basis, so I will be sure to get back to you and confirm your spot.

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P.S.S. Peter and his firm are a premier partner of the Top 1% Sellers Factory, if you’re interested in bringing Peter and his team into your organization. I have a few exclusive spots in the March program, if you’ d like to come and experience Peter’s work. Please let me know. Lastly, here is how to ensure you continue to get these messages from me occasionally and it will be full of valuable content that will propel you forward and help you raise your game.

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