Most read in December 2013

When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege

Personal Development gurus can get away with whatever they want, so why can’t you?

As tendências culturais dos anos 2000 adiantadas pelo É o Tchan na década de 90

Se você é daqueles que sente asco pela cultura popular nacional, agora pare! Pegue no…

Coming Out as Biracial

A few months ago, I not-so-subtly asserted myself as biracial while having dinner with a new coworker. “I’m a Capricorn,” she’d said. “Yeah…my mom’s black,” I responded…

Como ganhar discussões com seus parentes de direita neste Natal

Um guia de quatro passos de elegância para todos os filhos ingratos da nossa classe média brasileira

How to save local bookstores in two easy steps

AKA “let’s get paper-back to the basics.” Heh.

All across the planet, particularly in more computerized nations…

Welcome to Dinovember

A month-long imagination invasion.

Every year, my wife and I devote the month of November to convincing our children that, while they sleep…

The Boy Whose Brain Could Unlock Autism

Autism changed Henry Markram’s family. Now his Intense World theory could transform our understanding of the condition.

CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret

Everyone has an uncle they’d rather you not meet.

Please allow me to introduce you to Uncle Rhabdo, CrossFit’s unofficial and disturbing mascot. Uncle Rhabdo is a cartoon commonly referenced in CrossFit literature and representative of a troubling trend among CrossFitters.

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