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Just Another Manic Monday

My Top 3 — October 28, 2019

A start of the week shout-out to three great stories

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What is Top 3?

Top 3 is a publication where Medium writers support other Medium writers by promoting each other’s work. Medium members are encouraged to post three stories from other writers that they enjoyed reading.

If you want to join, please read the Write For Us Guidelines.

Changes to Medium’s Earning Program

As you are likely aware, today marks the first day of the new earnings system. Medium is now paying writers based on the amount of time a reader spends actually reading their story. The longer a reader stays on the story, the more the writer gets paid. Clapping — no longer the metric used to determine payout — will be used to help promote stories.

I urge you to please stay and read each of the stories listed in today’s Top 3, and throw in 50 claps as well!

For further information, you can read more here:

Tips For Pinching Pennies When You Are Already Broke

By: Jessica Hillis

As a freelance writer, I know the ‘joys’ of penny-pinching all too well. Sadly, the struggle of making ends meet is rapidly growing into a majority experience throughout the western world. The cost of living in most countries comprising North America and Europe is rising rapidly, while wages are stagnant. Added to this is the fact that jobs security is increasingly a thing of the past.

While I don’t want to get overly political, I believe capitalism — particularly the guide successive governments have adhered to faithfully since the days of Thatcher and Reagan — does not work for most people. The growing gap between the most wealthy and the rest of us does back my view.

I’m a big fan of Jessica’s writing which is often a mix of helpfulness with a strong dash of the realities of life. She lists several ways to stretch your pennies and most of them I also practice. I can’t remember the last time we bought anything brand name, — Great Value and PC(Canadian Brand) rules our kitchen — and I love me some rummage sale chic!

I Meet Dead People Every Day

By: John P. Weiss

Have you ever heard the phrase “they went before their time?” While this is often applied to those who passed away while still relatively young, it can also be attributed to people who are still alive but have technically stopped living. Sadly, I think many of us know someone who just seems to have stopped living their life. As John puts it:

People who are going through the motions in life but don’t know why. People who gave up on their dreams or let life beat them down.

Sometimes it is understandable why this might happen to people. Perhaps life has dealt them a rough hand or a traumatic event has caused them to close off. In this story, John reflects on a trip to Ireland and how it awakened his understanding of the importance of living and embracing a charitable heart. Being alive is about seizing opportunities and loving the people around you.

How I Aroused 1.4k People in a Month

By: Sam H Arnold

You know, I’ve aroused a few people in my day but nothing like Sam has done (lol). Yesterday, I wrote a story about the importance of taking risks in writing and going outside of your comfort zone. Well, this is something Sam has embraced with unexpected results.

Sam describes her desire to expand her skills and delve into the realm of erotic fiction. What started as something of a joke and dare between Sam and her partner, it turned into an unexpectedly popular piece with 1.4K viewers in a month.

This story reminds us that as writers we shouldn’t be fearful of taking risks and doing something new. As Sam discovered, the result can be ‘orgasmic.’

Daryl Bruce is a freelance writer, blogger, and writer of flash fiction. Writing across an expansive range of topics, he specializes in personal development, the craft of writing, LGBTQ+ issues, and politics. He is the owner of the Top 3 Publication on Medium. When he’s not writing, Daryl can be found in the kitchen or at the local movie theater. Daryl holds a BA with Specialized Honours in English from York University and is currently working on his first novel.

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.




Top 3 is a publication where Medium writers support other Medium writers by promoting each other’s work. Medium members are encouraged to post three stories from other writers that they enjoyed reading.

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Daryl Bruce

Daryl Bruce

A freelance writer specializing in such topics as writing, productivity, self, politics, and LGBTQ+ issues. Visit him at:

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