You can easily explore Granada in a matter of days but you’d be missing out on key details, historic references and the best sights in Granada if left to your own devices (no matter how great our guides might be!). So we recommend one of these stellar Top 5 Tours to help you navigate this intriguing city, whether young, old, less mobile, they cater to everyone.

Here is what we recommend: ​

Play Granada
These guys have it all — 5-star rated tours of Granada including Walking, Segways (a great way to see cobblestoned and hilly Granada for kids and less mobile adults), Electric Bikes, Nighttime tours, Sunset tours, etc. 
Previous customers rave about the friendly guides, the perfectly timed sunset tours and the ease of booking with Play Granada. 
Average Price: ~€30 for a 2–3 hour tour​

Feel the City Tours
Feel the City Tours offer a free tour of Granada giving a 2.5 hour introduction and brief history while you stroll around its monuments and central neighbourhoods. You decide the tip for the guide at the end. 
Highly rated paid tours of about 3 hours are also available which many people then choose after enjoying their free tour; guided tours of the iconic Albaicín and Sacromonte neighbourhoods (for €12 each) or through the Alhambra (€39 each) are available.

Granada a Pie
For walking guided tours of Granada neighbourhoods or to walk through the Alhambra with a knowledgeable guide. Some previous customers recommend revisiting the monument on your own afterwards to fully appreciate it without being part of a group of up to 20 people. 
Pricing: €39 each for a 3 hour Alhambra tour incl. ticket price. €15 each for a 2.5 hour tour through the Albaicín and Sacromonte.

Segway Tours Ensegway
Travelling with kids or with older adults with less mobility? Segways are a great option to tackle those cobblestone streets and quite daunting steep hills of the Albaicín and Alhambra. Ensegway tour guides get raving reviews from happy customers who find it very handy to be in prior contact and book with them via Whatsapp! 
Pricing: €30 each for a 2 hour tour

Granada Tapas Tour
Visitors to Granada can’t get enough of the fantastic Gayle and her spot-on tapas tour of Granada. English-speaking Gayle takes you and up to 5 other people on an interesting, fun-filled and tasty tour of tapas bars, ensuring you are eating the best the town has to offer. Tours catered for each group’s preference for food and drink and Gayle is fabulous with children so this is definitely one for the families!

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