The Top 5 Science humor list for 18 July 2017

The Top 10 Lesser Known Journal Entries By Famous Scientists And Explorers

10) George Washington Carver: “There must be some other use for these stupid peanuts. I hate PB&J sandwiches.”

9) Paul Dirac: “You can never find a good quantum mechanic when you need one.”

8) Alexander Graham Bell: “If, on the morrow, Watson is again wearing those snug trousers I may not be able to contain telling him how much I desire, nay, need him.”

7) Roald Amundsen: “December 5th, 1911. Now everything smells like dog.”

6) Alexander Fleming: “Sarah’s on vacation for a few weeks. All that’s left in the fridge is that moldy orange.”

5) Erwin Schrödinger: “June 27th, 1938. That damn cat keeps demanding to be let out, only to want to come back inside. I find myself trying to find creative ways to punish him ironically using similar indecisiveness.”

4) Isaac Newton: “Below is my recipe for a small fig roll pastry, perfect for snacking.”

3) James Watson, 1953, “After working with Beoxyribonucleic acid and Ceoxyribonucleic acid, I’m just about ready to give up and see what’s next.”

2) Wernher von Braun: “May 3rd, 1945. I’m not sure who tore out all proceeding pages in my diary, so I’ll have to start all over. I’ll begin with how much I’ve always loved America and hated the Nazi party. Someone mentioned to me that rockets could be used to carry explosive payloads, which is an idea that has never occurred to me before.”

1) Ernest Shackleton: “On the plus side, the meat should stay frozen indefinitely.”

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