5 Tips To Be a Top Salesperson in 2023

Five tips to be a top salesperson in 2023

Is 2023 the year you can finally buy this amazing 2-door 800HP car? Other than knowing your product inside and out, here are a couple of tips IMHO and IME that can help you buy that car:

1) Start the outbound: If you have worked with me, you know I have the policy, no free inbound leads if you don’t contribute to the pipeline by prospecting yourself. It does not matter whether you have a rockstar inbound team or a BDR team, if you want to be a top salesperson, start that dreaded prospecting now. By hedging your pipeline, you increase the chance of higher commissions as you’re not affected by others’ performances or seasonality. Moreover, you’ll already know a big deal about your prospect before even your first meeting.

2) Don’t be needy: No surprise 2022 was not a good year in SaaS and most likely you did not hit your quota. The prospect cares less about you than the solution your team provides. Make it in a way they need you, not the other way around. Create the FUD so they can not pass on your solution.

3) Let them feel they’re unique: Last 30 meetings we had at Netomi, we’ve noticed a common theme. The prospects, more than ever, claimed to be different from everyone else in their domains. Make sure you address their uniqueness by doing particular research and due diligence. And, of course, a no-no for generic pitches and generic demos. Throughout your interactions, custom-build everything for them. (The exception to this can be having a high volume, low ARPU business)

4) Be flexible in pricing: Lowering the price does not mean you’re leaving money on the table. You can convince your CRO/VPS that a discounted price is a major opportunity for you. Maybe the prospect agrees to a case study or joins you on stage at the next conference, among many other asks. Btw, don’t forget the beauty of recurring revenue in SaaS: if you deliver more than average results, you can always upsell to them later.

5) Use empathy: Understand their state of business and issues. Did they have a major layoff in H2 of 2022? Are they stressed about the upcoming recession? Or, on a micro level, did your prospect have a personal loss? Don’t forget that people buy from people. And everything your CRM tracks is decided by a human. Make that human like you.

Happy selling. And as we say at Netomi: ABC - Always Be Closing!



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Can Ozdoruk

SaaS Marketing Executive: Product Marketing, Demand Generation, Pipeline Development, Revenue Opss — VP Marketing at Netomi - Advisor- Speaker - ex-Nvidia