Do Creativity, Genius and Stigmata Provide Insight Into the Mind-Brain Question?

This, the ninth in the Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up series, explores more “paranormal” phenomena, including genius, creativity and stigmata. Does the mind emerge from the brain in a purely physical and deterministic process, or is there “something more” going on? Current directions in both physics and psychology call into question the dominant bottom-up physicalist approach, suggesting we may be moving toward a convergence and a rethinking of reality and how we experience it.



Is consciousness produced by the physical material of the brain or is it “something more?” The issue is a major dividing line between physicalists and anti-physicalists with big implications for our culture and values.

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Gerald R. Baron

Husband, father, grandfather, mostly-retired, farm advocate, author, communicator. Deeply curious about science, nature, spirit and history.