How the Presence of Evil Leads to Scientific Realism

Aftermath of WW2 bombing. Wikimedia Commons

Idealism says the mental is primary and in some versions, constitutes all of reality. Realism says there is an external reality beyond ourselves and our perceptions. What best describes our world?

Most of us, children of the ancient Greeks, believe in a form of realism. That is, the world we see, taste, smell, hear and touch is outside of us, it is accessible to our fellow…




Is consciousness produced by the physical material of the brain or is it “something more?” The issue is a major dividing line between physicalists and anti-physicalists with big implications for our culture and values.

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Gerald R. Baron

Gerald R. Baron

Husband, father, grandfather, semi-retired, farm advocate, author, communicator. Deeply curious about science, nature, spirit and history.

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