Is Integrated Information Theory as explained by Christof Koch the answer to the mind-brain mystery?

Raising questions on the coherence and consistency of the most popular explanation of the mystery of consciousness: Integrated Information Theory (IIT)

Image of Christof Koch: Allen Institute for Brain Science. Chief scientist Christof Koch is an enthusiastic proponent of Integrated Information Theory (IIT) which appears to be emerging as a leading candidate for an explanation of the mind-brain mystery. His book The Feeling of Life Itself: Why Consciousness is Widespread by Can’t Be Computed is a mostly accessible explanation of this theory which suggests consciousness is measurable. But, is it a physicalist bottom-up theory or does it depend on a top-down foundation? We ask this and other questions here in an attempt to better understand and evaluate this popular idea.

The fundamental question raised in this Top-Down or Bottom-Up series is whether or not conscious experience is produced by the physical matter…



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