Understanding Spirit — Introduction

Can we arrive at an understanding of the Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, in a way that includes both biblical and extra-biblical ideas about creation, life, spiritual reality and universal consciousness?

“Spirit,” or “pneuma” in Greek, means air, wind, breath. The ripples of droplets of water in a flat field of clouds can be seen as an image of how science now defines reality as ripples of energy in a vast quantum field.

Does the Holy Spirit get the attention it deserves? The Pentecostal forms of Christianity certainly focus attention on the Third Person of the Trinity, but what about the rest of Christianity…




Is consciousness produced by the physical material of the brain or is it “something more?” The issue is a major dividing line between physicalists and anti-physicalists with big implications for our culture and values.

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Gerald R. Baron

Gerald R. Baron

Husband, father, grandfather, semi-retired, farm advocate, author, communicator. Deeply curious about science, nature, spirit and history.

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