Zimzum and the “Retreat” of God

Did a 16th century founder of Jewish mystical thought called Kabbalah explain creation in the form of the contraction of God?

This article explores an idea of creation as a sort of retreat of God as posed by Isaac Luria, a 16th century Jewish mystic and founder of Kabbalah.

Max Jammer was a physicist, historian and philosopher of science and close friend of Albert Einstein. His 1954 book, Concepts of Space: the History of the Theories of Space in Physics, featured a foreword by Einstein. Jammer also wrote a book on the religious…




Is consciousness produced by the physical material of the brain or is it “something more?” The issue is a major dividing line between physicalists and anti-physicalists with big implications for our culture and values.

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Gerald R. Baron

Gerald R. Baron

Husband, father, grandfather, semi-retired, farm advocate, author, communicator. Deeply curious about science, nature, spirit and history.

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