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How to Find a Job You Love

Don’t be afraid of failing, you are prone to succeed.

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How many times have you applied for a job you didn’t believe you would get?

You don’t care if you have less experience or appropriate education. In 99.5% of cases, there are negative responses or no responses at all. So, we are left with a 0.5% chance to rock.

That’s why we sometimes have trouble seeing new options. When there are some, we have a problem committing to them. We just don’t believe it.

What are we left with then?

Challenge of seeing the next steps

I often think about how a person recognizes that he’s ready for the next challenge. How long does it take to feel stuck and desire new things?

HR people like asking: “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” Well, I see myself working. But I can’t say in which position.

On a verge of leaving my analytical job, I saw an open position for a manager.

I never led a team but worked with senior roles in the company and organized groups and training. Yet, I didn’t have the motivation to lead a team. It was too much responsibility.

I felt I did not have a chance to choose something else to climb the ladder.

Ok, I surrendered and applied for a team manager.

I prepared for the interview and had no expectations. To my surprise, I got the job.

Well, but with time I grew a huge engagement in the role. It was so much fun. So, don’t judge position before you try it. You may love it.

Put your mind into it

What is holding you back? It can be a lack of confidence, your age, your education, or your work. They frame your routine. You think that you can’t do this and do that.

Stop now.

I reckon there are boundaries. For instance, I cannot lift 100kg without training. I won’t be a doctor without education and practice. But the truth is that when you set your mind on it, you succeed or fail. Either way, you get something out of it. Better to try than not.

If you are lazy, I get it. I am too. It is not easy to commit to some idea and stick to it.

The more difficult challenge you put on your shoulders, the more likely is you to drop. Every activity takes energy, so it is easier to do what you have been doing than be adventurous.

Yet, a new experience is your motor. Just start it.

Do what you like or dislike

Now put your hand on your heart and tell me if you love your work.

Yes? Congratulations!

No? Congratulations!

It shows a lot of your personality. If you stick with things you don’t like, you are resilient and loyal. If you love what you do, you strike for the best.

Both are needed. Don’t be annoyed by doing things monkeys could do. You learn something new from any task. What more you can discover you love it. Like I did with my management experience.

Coincidence and luck are rare you can argue. But you can go closer to such an experience.

The only thing to do is to say sometimes ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’.

So, apply for a job you have no experience for, but you believe you could do. Start climbing if you are afraid of heights. Paint even if you were rubbish in art classes. Go for a date with someone you are not attracted to and see what happens.

Final thought

Aim to learn from your experience.

Even if you are bad, it is good to know. My friends often say that anyone can be a writer. But they don’t write. Things look easier if you don’t try them. Yet, we tend to have an opinion about them.

Similarly the other way. We are so afraid of failing that we don’t aspire to try.

Unexpected events are great, they make us humble.

Like when I applied for the job and succeed at the interview. Find your love or hate by being creative and bold. At the end of the day, I am sure you will have fun with both.




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