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Detroit Lions Organization Shows Incompetence Yet Again

Earlier today, the Detroit Lions announced they were bringing back GM Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia. This announcement came much to the dismay of the Detroit Lions fan base. The way it is trending, the Lions look to be entering yet another dark period in their history. Granted, you could make the argument that it is always a dark period for the Lions and their fans. They haven’t won a playoff game since 1992. Which, by the way, is the only playoff win for this organization in the Super Bowl era.

Lions fans were promised that change was happening. Bob Quinn was hired in as the new GM in January of 2016. He is in his fourth season, and has yet to find any talent in the four NFL drafts he has been apart of. He got Kenny Golladay, who is a real nice wide receiver. But who else? A’Shawn Robinson is another solid player in his first draft in 2016. Many thought Kerryon Johnson was going to be a star running back in this league but he has yet to stay healthy.

Matt Patricia was brought in because, as Bob Quinn put it, “9–7 isn’t good enough.” The Lions fired Jim Caldwell, a coach who the locker room absolutely loved. They bring in Matt Patricia who immediately tries to “change the culture” in Detroit. And by that he means, try to do what no one has been able to do…which is to copy the New England Patriots. Patricia went 6–10 in his first season and has gone 3–10–1 this season thus far with a good chance of losing the final two games of the season.

The Lions ownership today cited that injuries were the reason why the Lions season hasn’t gone well, mostly because Matthew Stafford has been injured. Yet the Lions were 3–4–1 when he got hurt, with Stafford playing on an MVP type of level. The other reason why that excuse by Martha Ford and the rest of the Lions ownership is not a good one is because both the Steelers and the Titans are playing with backup quarterbacks and both are likely to make the playoffs. Good coaches and good organizations can overcome bad luck. The Lions have neither a good coach nor are they a good organization.

The Lions already traded Quandre Diggs, a player who was voted a team captain and who just signed a new contract in the offseason. They traded him for a 5th round pick to the Seattle Seahawks. Those close to the situation also believe that the Lions will be trading Pro Bowl cornerback, Darius Slay. Why would they do that? Because both Diggs and Slay have not been afraid to speak up when they don’t like what is going on and also because they are not fitting the “culture.”

The reason Bill Belichick can get away with trading away players who don’t buy into what they’re doing in New England is because New England actually wins. When Matt Patricia has 9 wins in two seasons with Detroit, no one is going to buy in. Players only buy in when they start to win. It’s as simple as that.

The Lions will have over $50 million to spend in the offseason and they will more than likely have a top-3 pick in the NFL draft. Which means in every round, they will be drafting at the top of the round. Do they really want Bob Quinn to make those picks for them? Bob Quinn, who has only drafted 2, maybe 3 good players in his four drafts that he has been a part of. Bob Quinn, who took a tight end T.J. Hockenson with the #8 pick in the draft. While it may not be fair, Hockenson looks to be a complete bust. There is a reason why tight ends never get drafted that high.

Yet here we are. Martha Ford doesn’t seem to be in touch because she made the decision to keep Quinn and Patricia for another season, at the very least. The fan backlash will only get worse. There have already been fans showing up to Ford Field with bags on their heads, similar to when the team went 0–16 in 2008. On top of that, Barstool Sports has a t-shirt for sale that has been popular in Detroit that has Martha Ford’s face on it and it says “sell the team.”

There is not much more the fans can do. The Ford family will never sell the Lions, but maybe they inspire change if they refuse to show up for the games anymore. Nevertheless, Lions fans will have to go through what will most likely be another grueling season next year until they finally see some real change.



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