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Why does every game in the NBA Playoffs have to be a blowout?

Steph Curry (Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports)

Night in and night out, there seem to be no close games in the National Basketball Association. We’re seeing nothing but blowouts. I can accept it in the first round, but we’re 3 games into the conference finals and not one game has been close yet.

The semi-finals had a similar problem. Except for some of the Celtics-Bucks. There were a couple close games there, but not enough to say that the playoffs have been captivating.

It’s been compelling in ways, but not on a game-by-game basis. It’s compelling to see Luka take this Dallas team to the Western Conference Finals. It’s compelling to see a Celtics team come together and dethrone the defending champions. There are great storylines in the matchups — the games themselves have been letdowns.

Marcus Smart
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Why is it that none of these games can stay close? Is it the lack of effort? Every game seems to just be one team starting out super hot and then the other team just gives up. The last time I remember a team fighting their way back into a game was in the first round when Memphis had multiple 20-point comebacks against Minnesota.

It seems by halftime or early in the third quarter, you kind of know who’s going to win that game. That’s not great for the NBA. They need people to watch through the whole game to get their ratings and advertisement money. In the NHL, the majority of games go right down to the wire, if not into overtime.

Edmonton was down 6–2 to Calgary two nights ago, and they ended up fighting their way back and tied it 6–6. They ended up losing, but they never gave up when the game seemed out of reach.

Perhaps it’s just this new style of play in the NBA. If a team gets hot from the 3-point line, it’s hard for the other team to catch up. It just makes it hard to really get into a game. I understood even the first two rounds having blowouts, but the fact that it’s happening in the conference finals is just sad.

Hopefully, this trend stops after last night and we can get some intriguing basketball to watch.



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