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Every Afl Team’s Best Guernsey Design

Afl guernseys make a team unique and stand out. They’re the heart and soul of the team and go through changes based on events or re-branding of a club.

As an Essendon fan I see many different guernsey designs every year; Sir Doug Nicholls round, Anzac day and the country match. Some of the designs I really like and it led me to discover other teams guernsey designs that I really like.

Here’s my list of Every Afl Team’s Best Guernsey Design.

Adelaide Crows

2015 clash guernsey

I remember when Adelaide were starting to become a benchmark team with the likes of Patrick Dangerfield and Tex Walker on their team, they wore this well designed guernsey that looked like a crow had slashed at the jumper. Adelaide’s colours were on the inside and the guernsey had depth and texture. Great jumper.

Brisbane Lions

Brisbane home guernsey

Brisbane have a simple, well designed home guernsey. They’ve been wearing it since their first game in 1997 without change and why would you when you have a guernsey like this.

Carlton Blues

Carlton home guernsey

Same as Brisbane, why change perfection? Symbol for so many fans that love this iconic jumper.

Collingwood Magpies

Collingwood 2022 ANZAC guernsey

Anzac day is a big day on the Afl calendar and it’s a day that is more then just a footy game. It’s a day of remembering and honouring ANZAC soldiers. This years Collingwood guernsey represents the football club and the ANZAC soldiers by using the black rosemary. It also looks really good too.


Essendon 2020–2021 away guernsey

I can’t remember the last time we won interstate but I remember lots of those loses we were kitted out in one of the coolest guernseys out there. A lot of red but the thing that sells it for me is the fading black parallel lines representing the sash that almost looks like a shadow of a hovering red sash.

Fremantle Dockers

Fremantle 2018 Indigenous guernsey

Purple is one of my favourite colours and 2 shades of purple in the this guernsey look really nice. The 3 boomerangs are aso cool and everything in this design fits perfectly.

Geelong Cats

Geelong 2022 country match guernsey

What is there not to love about this guernsey? The fence at the bottom, The crop fields in the middle and the piece of wheat on the side just make this a truly wonderful jumper.

Gold Coast Suns

Gold Coast 2020 Indigenous Guernsey

Not a lot of options for Gold Coast as they’ve had a similar home jumper their whole 12 year history. Their Indigenous guernsey’s never fail to impress though and in particular I loved their 2020 one. A great design whilst still incorporating their team colours and logo.

GWS Giants

GWS 2021 never surrender clash jumper

Even less choices then Gold Coast but I chose their 2021 clash jumper as my favourite, because of the dark gray almost black background behind the bright orange G outline.

Hawthorn Hawks

Hawthorn 2016 indigenous guernsey

This was the hardest team to pick my favourite guernsey from. Not because they’re all too good. It’s actually because none of them look that good. This one above was the only one I thought was decent.

Melbourne Demons

Melbourne 2018-Now clash guernsey

Melbourne’s guernsey is a unique, iconic and well loved design. The royal blue jumper was actually introduced in 1975 for the introduction of colour TV so it would stand out more while watching from home. It was then brought back in 2018 as a clash jumper and has been a favourite with fans and others, including me.

North Melbourne Kangaroos

North Melbourne 1996–2002 away guernsey

North’s away guernsey has a nice look to it and was used from 1996–2002 with only minimal modifications. I like the kangaroo in motion and how the bars fit well into the background.

Port Adelaide Power

Port Adelaide home guernsey

Used since 2010, the Port Adelaide jumper is a well known symbol of the power. It uses great colours and a simple design.

Richmond Tigers

Richmond 2017-Now away guernsey

A lot of Richmond fans will have fond memories of this guernsey being worn in their 37 year drought breaking Grand Final win over Adelaide in 2017. The jumper also looks good with the classic yellow sash on the black background reversed.

St Kilda Saints

St Kilda 2021 Indigenous guernsey

Wow. Designed by Nicky Winmar for the Saints’ 2021 Indigenous guernsey, this jumper is something else. I remember I was having a browse through the Afl store last year and came across this guernsey. I was blown away at everything about it. How they kept the usual saints design and colours, the birds and scratches of colour in the background, almost as if someone has tried to paint the St Kilda guernsey onto a rough rock. And I can’t forget the man himself with the iconic celebration engraved onto the jumper. This is by far my favourite jumper ever.


Sydney return to heritage guernsey

I don’t this is a cool or good looking design, I mean come on its a red V on a plain white t-shirt, but I do like the idea behind it. In 1982 when South Melbourne we’re to be located up to Sydney and become the first Afl team from outside of Victoria, there was a huge up roar. And I get it. I can’t imagine you and your family supporting a team for decades and then all of a sudden the Afl decide that their moving your team 713km up north. So to honour their heritage the Swans decided that when they play in Melbourne, they’ll were a guernsey with South Melbourne’s design on it.

Western Bulldogs

Western Bulldogs 2019 Thor guernsey

Bit of a controversial one but I like it. This jumper was worn in the Doggies first game at the renamed Marvel stadium. I think the Thor jumper looked really cool whilst also looking like the Dogs home guernsey.

West Coast Eagles

West Coast 2019–2021 Indigenous Guernsey

West Coast have had some cool guernseys throughout the years and this one takes the cake as the best one they Eagles have made. I like how it keeps the same colours and design as the normal home guernsey. The yellow eagle feathers are what sells this design and what makes it my favourite.

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