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The best Sundays ever

Around 4-5 year's ago, every Sunday was the same. And I loved it. I'd wake up, and wait until 11am when I would flick on channel 7 for the start of AFL Game Day.

We didn't have foxtel and kayo wasn't a thing yet so I only got to watch 3-4 out of the 9 games a week.

Channel 7 was the only channel to watch on a Sunday as right after AFL Game Day was finished, a VFL game would start. These games would entertain me, especially if the Essendon reserves were playing as they normally did quite well.

Then to cap my day off, the AFL Sunday afternoon game would start. The teams playing in the main match aligned with the VFL match up. For instance, if Melbourne and Geelong were playing, then the Geelong reserves and Casey would play in the VFL match prior.

The AFL game would end at 6, just in time for dinner and the perfect way to end a Sunday.

I'd go to bed waiting for the next Sunday where the process repeats.

Will be posting a lot more often in the next week. Just feel like it.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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