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Three NBA Stars Who Disappeared

The NBA is built upon the backs of the league’s best players. Most casual NBA fans decide to only watch games to see their favorite players battle it out against each other. Throughout this past decade we have seen many players come and go. Players like LeBron, Steph, Kawhi, and KD have symbolized our generation of basketball and will go down in NBA history as some of the best players to touch the basketball court. However, then we look at other all-stars who had a couple of good seasons but failed to keep their production up due to injuries or other issues. Today, we will be looking at three current NBA stars who “disappeared.”

3. Isaiah Thomas

Many of you know the remarkable journey that Thomas has had to endure in order to join the league. He was the 60th pick in the 2011 NBA draft and many people thought of him as a vulnerability on a team than an asset. This is primarily due to his 5'9 frame which lets opponents easily focus their offense on him. His small stature let other guards and wings dominate over him but he still was a great player. He finished fifth in MVP voting in 2017 while at the same time leading the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals. During this series against the Cavaliers, Thomas suffered a mysterious hip injury which at first didn’t seem very severe.

However, as the offseason began we saw that Thomas had multiple surgeries on that hip which eventually led Boston to trade him for Kyrie Irving of the Cavaliers. Thomas only played fifteen games in Cleveland before he was traded again to the Lakers. He played injured in L.A. and eventually was not resigned or offered a max contract as he had hoped. He signed for the minimum the following offseason with the Nuggets where he played mediocrely and eventually ended up in Washington where he is now. It is very sad to see Thomas go through this and hopefully he can become a solid point guard if he does not regain his super-star talent.

2. DeMarcus Cousins

Out of everyone on this list, DeMarcus Cousins had the best chance of redeeming their career. Not to say that Boogie’s career is over but it looks like prime DeMarcus Cousins has passed by. The major reason for this occurring was due to his decision to sign a cheap contract with the Golden State Warriors in order to win a championship. Since Boogie was coming off an Achilles injury, the Pelicans did not want to offer him a max-contract, which makes sense, and instead offered a 2-year, $40 million deal. Cousins felt offended by this fact and joined the Warriors in order to raise his worth. Obviously, this did not happen and Cousins suffered notable injuries in the playoffs which hurt his value. In addition, the Warriors did not win the Finals, and Cousins entered free agency as an average player which he was not expecting.

The Lakers eventually picked up Cousins as their starting center along with LeBron and Anthony Davis which seemed promising. However, in that same summer like many of you know, Cousins tore his ACL and ended up being cut by the Lakers. The Lakers would then sign Dwight Howard, who at this current moment is playing great. Technically, right now, DeMarcus Cousins is not listed on any NBA team which we hope will change.

  1. John Wall

What in the world happened to John Wall? A few years ago I thought he was a top-three point guard but after his injury we have heard nothing about him. It’s been almost 1 1/2 years since we’ve seen John Wall playing on the court. Wall is probably the fastest and most explosive player I have maybe behind Russell Westbrook. It is such a shame that we cannot see Wall leading the Wizards into the playoffs. I am saying this without blaming Wall for anything, I mean you cannot prevent injuries it is just horrible luck. The NBA has been robbed of great talent that is John Wall.

The worst part of Wall’s injury is that by the time he returns there is no way he will be able to regain his athleticism that made him so dominant. An Achilles tear is very dangerous and we know that many players in the past that have suffered these injuries were not as good as they once were. Many knew John Wall and Bradley Beal as the next great backcourt. However, from the looks of it, Beal will probably be traded in the next few months simply because Wall’s return will not result in the same type of production that the two used to have. Washington may be looking to rebuild their team and are willing to take on Wall’s enormous contract for now. But once that contract expires, Wall will definitely not be receiving the same type of offers that Washington threw out. Hopefully, a healthy John Wall can play valuable minutes for the Wizards and lead them to the playoffs.

If John Wall can show that he still has valuable skills to a team in need of him, he can still rejuvenate his career. In fact, if any of these players on this list can do that, they can still enlighten their career and finish their careers in a happy way.



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