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You probably haven't heard of the AFL: Here's your chance...

Hey Family. That's how I write my articles. With my family in mind. That's what makes up most of my followers and almost all of my readers. I recently have been reading a lot about how to expand your blog and have more people read your things, because I love AFL and want more people to know about it and hear my thoughts. I looked up the topic "AFL" on Medium and found no one that writes solely about AFL. Technically making me the number 1 AFL writer on Medium! I get that medium is more for finance, technology and economics with AFL not really being a topic people come onto Medium for. You might have heard about AFL before. Maybe on TV. I know ESPN play it every now and then and the AFL was one of the last sports to be shutdown because of the pandemic, with many sport lovers tuning in to watch when the AFL was literally the last sport left in the world.

What is the AFL?

This AFL was created in the 17th century to keep cricketers fit during the winter. Its origins go back to when school boys created it and called it Melbourne football and it was played using a small rugby ball. People later wrote official rules and the first game was played between Melbourne Grammar and Scotch College in 1858. Today the AFL has 18 teams located all over Australia with millions of people watching every week with a healthy womens competition truly making it a sport for everyone.

I love the AFL and I hope you do too. Even if you have never heard of it then I'd highly recommend you watch it and see it for yourself. Stick around for the AFL season in March where there'll be better and more content like this.

Thanks for reading to the end! I hope you enjoyed it!
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