Social Networks Can Learn from Apple to Solve ‘Fake News’ | The Mac Observer

The heated U.S. election campaign that saw Donald Trump elected 45th President of the United States raised many issues. A critically important one was the growing proliferation of fake news online. Both sides shared increasingly bizarre, heavily partisan, fake news stories during the fraught campaign. They fueled conspiracy theories on a variety of baseless issues . They were fed in part by social media, and social networking companies seem to have no idea how to respond.

The issue is that the brilliantly clever algorithms that power the likes of Facebook and others cannot differentiate fact from fiction the way humans can. As a result, false and even dangerous stories have often gone viral. People are demanding an explanation from the likes of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but few have been forthcoming so far.

Discussions about how to solve this problem will no doubt continue. Interestingly, Apple is actually in a better position than many of its Silicon Valley competitors to overcome the issue of fake news.

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Originally published at Charlotte Henry.

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