What really got me hooked on Medium was not just the awesome posts I read daily but it was the amount of value I received after I took the time to go back to January of 2014 and read as many posts as I could from then until now. This has inspired me to share the Top 10 Posts across my favourite topics so the rest of the Medium Community can get the same value I have received and take ACTION.

Ev Williams
  • It is not just the number of recommendations that makes a Medium post great it’s the relevancy to that specific reader, if the reader takes REAL VALUE from it and most importantly does it teach them HOW to take ACTION. That is what this post is about —- ACTION.
  • After showcasing the Top 10 posts, I highlight the 3 Most Consistent Lessons they all share and then provide details on how to actually start TAKING ACTION on these lessons and building long term habits.
  • Instead of being just list with cool graphics I intend to create these Top 10’s weekly so it’s easier for Medium Readers to search and find the best articles about their favourite topics and put a plan together to make SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.

This list is 100% independent of anyone’s opinions outside of my own. This includes Medium and it’s staff. CLICK THE PICTURE TO READ THE ARTICLE.

Nic Haralambous

Nic takes a not so common look back into what he would of done in his 20’s while only being in his 30’s. He provides a solid list of different things people should do in their 20’s like Travel, Read, Build Things, Fail Etc. If you are in your twenties and need a kick to make clearer what you are missing this is the post for you.

Benjamin Hardy

Benjamin puts an amazing list together outlining 50 habits that truly would enhance happiness. Don’t think you or anyone can tackle all 50 at once but bookmark this list, pick a few habits and start making them apart of your life. I have and it has brought more happiness to my life.

Darius Foroux

Darius crushes it with this post because when it comes to upgrading your life reading is the number 1 thing to do. Instead of just giving reasons why to read he goes into detail of how to hack your way to reading 100 books a year. No question following his techniques you can read 100 books but more importantly make strides towards truly upgrading your life.

Benjamin Hardy

Benjamin gives a dose of reality outlining the 5 things people should be doing to make the most of their life. Instead of just listing them he provides a lot of context around the different areas of one’s life and the questions you need to ask yourself to make strides forward.

Darius Foroux

Darius keeps it real in this post and everything about his journey is relatable which makes this post that much more impactful. He lists unsuccessful habits most people have but what he makes apparent is that those we believe to be “successful” have these habits as well which for many is misleading. Check out the post and see which of these habits you have yet to kick to the curb.

Jon Westenberg

Jon really knocks it out of the park with this post. In my opinion the most valuable and ACTIONABLE of any post I have come across. He gives a step by step guide on how to understand who you are, where you want to go and how to get there. I personally sent this to my 22 year old sister immediately after reading it, it was that valuable.

Darius Foroux

Darius again doesn’t disappoint in this post providing a fundamental look on how to and the value of setting goals properly. Goal Setting sits at the core of upgrading your life and his outline is a great place to start.

Raymmar Tirado

Raymar keeps it cut and dry in this post calling out people for having a fixed mindset. Instead of all the fancy reasons why people don’t excel he talks extensively about street skills. The skills people NEED to possess to become successful in this world and persevere. Most people don’t call this out but Raymar does and I can’t agree with him more.

James Altucher

James provides such amazing insight about being a better human across all forms of his content but this guide you can really see has come from the hundreds of people he has interviewed on his podcast. No question when he calls it an ultimate guide he is spot on and at 12mins in reading length it gives a great outline on how to tackle your upgrade.

Jon Westenberg

Jon always tells it like it is and there is no exception here. This is a great kick in the ass for people looking to upgrade their life. He talks about the importance of trying to do something rather be SOMEBODY. This message so frequently is overlooked and Jon makes sure you at least ask yourself by the end of this post are you about doing or being.

Through each of these Top 10 Posts the importance of reading is made very apparent. If you could sit back and say, all the greatest minds in the world put there thoughts on paper and for the cost of a weekday lunch you could own that experience and insight forever, would you not jump all over that?

Well that’s what books, articles, blogs etc. can provide and reading is the key to that kingdom. If you are looking to upgrade your life, regardless if it’s to go from a well paying job in Corporate America to a self fulfilling Entrepreneur, or a young twenty something trying to figure out his/her path, READING IS THE ANSWER.

To read daily is as hard in many instances as building a workout routine. It’s a discipline/muscle that needs to be trained.

Start with researching 5 books recommended online by someone you trust around your area of interest, set a goal for 1 month to read 5 pages per day. THAT’S IT!

When you crush that goal say okay now I will do 10 pages for another month. Until you get to 30 pages a day (should take 6 months). At that point evaluate if these 30 pages (on average 35–40mins reading time) fits your lifestyle or if you want to read more. If so keep stacking on 5 pages a month.

Eventually you will be flying through books, absorbing the knowledge of some of the world’s great and UPGRADING YOUR LIFE.

Upgrading your Life is not just about doing what successful people do or making a certain amount of money. It’s about knowing what makes you happy, what your passions are, who do you want to be and putting a plan together to make that a reality everyday.

Across all 10 of these posts the writers talk about digging deep and asking yourself the hard questions. If that is through putting written plans together or blocking off 1 hour a day to just think.

When you invest time towards personal development and asking yourself WHY, things quickly become a lot clearer in life. Decisions you thought to be tough to make all of a sudden are easy and succinct.

Block out 30mins in your calendar 3x/week before noon as a time to reflect.

During this time find a quiet room, turn off all notifications and start asking yourself the tough WHY, HOW and WHO questions.

After a week of this I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you follow Jon Westenberg’s formula for Investing in Yourself as he does an awesome job of providing a step by step guide towards personal development.

Don’t be alarmed if it takes 6 months to a year before you feel confident in your direction. Me, it took 1 year of almost daily reflection before planting my feet in the sand and since then I have shifted a bunch.

You can’t go through any of these Top 10 Posts without reading about Goals. For me Goal Setting truly changed my life and for the last 8 years 2x/yr in January and July I go through a week long goal reflection and setting exercise that puts me on the path towards success for the 6 months ahead.

Goals both long and short act as your lighthouse. They give you the confidence every single day to say, what I am doing today is getting me 1/100th of the way closer to where I want to go and who I want to be. This clarity and confidence will give you the motivation to give it your all even when your not truly enjoying what you are doing that day.

To set goals, start with 3 long term goals (20 years) you want to accomplish across any areas of your life (physical, professional, personal etc.)

Then write down 3 goals you need to accomplish in the next 5 years that will get you on the path or moving in the direction towards your 20 year goals.

Finally dictate what 3 goals in the next 12 months you want to accomplish to move towards accomplishing your 5 year goals.

Write them down on a piece of paper and TAPE THEM BESIDE YOUR BED. Every morning make sure its the first thing you see!!

Obviously there is much more than just writing the goals down on paper but many of the resources in this post going over that. This is a quick hack to think long and short and remind yourself daily.


Hopefully these Medium Top 10 posts on Upgrading Your Life provide as much value to you as they have for me. If you want to Upgrade Your Life you now have the tools to TAKE ACTION. IT’S ON YOU!

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Mediums Top 10 Posts of All Time About the Topics You Love

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