What is Airmart E-Commerce?

Airmart is the ideal e-commerce platform for perishable goods.

Kristen Pizzo
Local Sellers Insights from Airmart
2 min readJan 25, 2023


Dungeness crabs from the San Francisco Bay. The best Filipino food in town. Fresh veggies harvested at a neighboring farm. Exquisite, hand-crafted desserts for every celebration. It’s all here, on Airmart.

Our platform is an online farmer’s market where chefs, bakers, farmers, and makers can sell to their local communities and beyond. We host everyone, from established mom-and-pop restaurants to tiny bakery pop-ups.

What is Airmart?

With Airmart, merchants can launch a mobile shopping site and start taking online orders right away.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom starting a bakery from home or an experienced chef looking to branch out on your own and sell food online, the Airmart platform is the place for you.

What can Airmart do for my business?

Manage products and inventory

With Airmart, uploading products is quick and easy. You can input inventory amounts so that you and your customers will be able to see what is sold out or low in stock.

Process orders and payments

When customers order from your Airmart shop, you will be able to export all of the order data into spreadsheets, making it easy to view all of the order details in one place. Our platform processes and confirms credit card, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, and PayPal transactions and even allows you to track offline cash payments.

Fulfill and ship orders

On Airmart, you have the option to set a pickup location and schedule order pickups, plan your own delivery route with our handy route-planning tool, connect to DoorDash for delivery, or work with our own Bay Area delivery partners. You can also choose to add a premium shipping feature and get the best rates for shipping your products across the U.S.

Acquire new customers through social sharing

Your Airmart shop link can be shared in all of your social media profiles, on WeChat, via text, and through email. You can even work with us to reach more customers with a social media campaign designed just for your shop.

Source products from wholesalers

Airmart can connect you to a network of wholesalers so that you can curate your own shop full of your favorite products or add complementary items to your existing offerings.

Leverage analytics

Our platform keeps your order data organized and readily available for you to track sales, shop visits and views, abandoned carts, and more.

Manage payments and transactions

No matter how your customers choose to pay, you will be able to confirm all payments and track transactions from your Airmart shop dashboard.

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