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A Letter to The TOP Community

Dear Toppers,

This is a belated letter for the community. We’re very sorry for the late communication. In the past six months, the TOP team has been committed to the optimization and iteration of the mainnet, migration of the ecological App, and mapping-related matters. In this process, the attention to the community and the market was ignored. In this regard, our team has undergone a profound review. We will also make more adjustments in the future to communicate with the community in a more open mind and method.

TOP is a technology-oriented team. With the original intention of using blockchain technology to empower real-world businesses, we are advancing step by step. We encountered a lot of setbacks in the process, but we were not discouraged. And with our actions in many fields, including communications, blockchain storage, DeFi, and games, we believe that as the TOP public chain becomes more and more optimized, the ecology on the chain will become prosperous, and there will be much more users than ever. At present, BitVPN is gradually migrating to the main chain, bringing more than 10,000 transactions daily to the TOP chain, and more Dapps will be launched on the chain in the future. The support for ecological construction will be our team’s next top priority. A public chain with 3 years of development will surely give full play to its brilliance and shine in the dark. But now, we need to have a little more patience.

With the new policy introduced by the Chinese government in September, centralized exchanges do not allow Chinese individuals to conduct transactions. This incident makes everyone has stronger feelings that there are too many factors that can affect the centralized world, and decentralization is the future!

Next, we want to share with you the TOP’s plan in the decentralized exchange.

The first stage: Cross-chain (around December 15th, 2021):

1. ERC-20 can be swapped to BSC or HECO. Users swap ERC-20 TOP to the corresponding chain through the cross-chain tool we provide. Note that this is currently a one-way swapping.

2. Specific logic: Our team will issue token contracts on the BSC and HECO chains, minting tokens on one chain and destroying on another to ensure that the total amount of the tokens on all chains are 20 billion. For example, if you want to swap 1 million ERC-20 TOP to BSC, open the corresponding swapping Dapp, select BSC, and pay the cross-chain fee to complete the swap. 1 million ERC-20 TOP will be destroyed, and 1 million BEP-20 TOP will be minted. Same logic for the HECO chain.

3. ETH is charged for calling the Ethereum contract. But the cross-chain fee for TOP is charged in TOP tokens by BSC or HECO. And this fee has nothing to do with the TOP team.

The second stage: Support the cross-chain between BSC and HECO

The third stage: Support the exchange between TOP tokens on BSC / HECO and native TOP.

About the future

After going through numerous hardships in the domestic blockchain market for several years, we are deeply aware of the helpless reality of “Good wine needs bush too”, but we also firmly believe that “Real diamond never loses its shine “. Before the diamond shines, we would go through a lot of setbacks, and in the process, we will continue to make up for our shortcomings and become stronger.

Although TOP has encountered some difficulties in the market, TOP’s development potential and value shall never be underestimated. More than 100 million potential ecological users are the boost to TOP’s prosperity in the future!

Our goal is the oceans of stars, and our attitude is to move every inch forward steadily. We believe that with the continuous development of TOP, more and more people will find TOP in decentralized exchanges, and more and more users will understand TOP, believe in TOP. If you are holding TOP and are optimistic about TOP, let us gather in a decentralized world and continue to stick to the value of TOP. We believe TOP will give you a satisfactory answer!

Yours sincerely,

The TOP team



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