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BOUNTIES COME! Be a Miner to Win 10,000,000 TOP & 500 FIL or Even More

In the early morning of January 4, TOP mainnet was successfully upgraded to the New Horizons version. This upgrade means that the mining of the TOP mainnet has officially started. Users can either act as miners on the TOP mainnet to obtain mining rewards, or they can vote for miners to obtain dividend rewards.

TOP adopts PoS consensus mechanism, which means the chain will be safer if there’re more stakes and more miners in the network. Meanwhile, to celebrate our mainnet upgrade, we hereby roll out multiple bounties!

BOUNTY 1 Join Mining Competition to win 10,000,000 TOP & 500 FIL


1. TOP Network has set up two mining teams: Red & Blue. Advance miner can choose any team to join.

2. Winning or losing is determined by the total number of blocks produced by whole team during mining process; (Miner deposit and votes he get will affect the number of blocks produced. The more miner deposits or more votes miner get, the more blocks will be produced.)

(1) The winning team can share 70% of the TOP and FIL prize pool, and the losing team can share 30% of the TOP and FIL prize pool.

(2) The number of votes miners receive determines the amount of the prize pool.

(3) Team members will divide the prize pool according to the number of votes he received at last.

3. Miners canvassing: Calling voters to vote for themselves can increase the mining rewards and winning opportunity. You can send invitation links to friends to canvass from the miner’s homepage;

Notes: Each user can only have one advance miner participating in the ranking, and the final miner reward will be distributed through the TOP team authentication address. An user with multiple miner address is in vain.

BOUNTY 2 Get More Votes via Contributing to TOP Chain

Telos foundation will give votes to miners who jointly promote TOP Mainnet.

Participate in the ecological construction of TOP Network, contribute to TOP mainnet, and get generous votes to increase mining revenue from Telos foundation.

BOUNTY 3 Package “Surprise” Transaction on Chain to Get 10,000 TOP Each

TOP team will package some transactions with notes “Surprise” on the TOP chain. Miners who package this transaction can get 10,000 TOP as rewards! Contact team via Telegram!


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