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How to Choose a Reliable Cloud Server for TOP Mining

Choose Server for TOP Mining

With the upgrade of the TOP testnet to the Galileo version, TOP mainnet will soon be upgraded. The upgraded TOP mainnet will allow external nodes to access the network for mining. There are two main requirements for becoming a node of the TOP mainnet, one is the minimum node-registration deposit, and the other is the hardware configuration of the leased server.

For most users who want to become nodes, the most difficult thing is to rent a cloud server. First, we need to understand the minimum configuration of cloud servers required to become a TOP node.

As shown in the figure above, the minimum cloud server configuration for the edge node is a central processing unit (CPU) with 1 core, 1GB of memory, a 40GB solid state drive (SSD), and a network speed of 100Mb/S; the cloud server of the verification node needs to have 2 cores The central processing unit (CPU), 2GB of memory, 60GB of solid state drive (SSD) and 100Mb/S network speed; advanced nodes have the highest requirements, and its cloud server requires a 2-core central processing unit (CPU) and 4GB of memory , 100GB solid state drive (SSD) and 200Mb/S internet speed.

After understanding the above parameters, the most important thing is how to choose a service provider. For the first time, many novices rent servers in pursuit of low prices. After renting, they find that the servers are always unstable, very slow, and sometimes not even available. The solution can only be to upgrade the server configuration.

Therefore, when choosing a service provider, novices must choose a reliable manufacturer, a more trustworthy brand. Whether it is performance, speed, or price, it is more appropriate. We recommend some cloud servers, such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc.

Let’s take Digital Ocean as an example to look at the specific steps to create a server:

Firstly, login, bind your information and then go to the console.

Secondly, create a server in this console

Click the ‘Create’ button in the upper right corner and select ‘Droplets’

Enter the page to create a server

-operating system

Select CentOS, click the drop-down arrow in CentOS, and select 7.6 x64 version or higher

-Server performance configuration(take Advance node as an example)

Select the 2-core 4G type in the Basic Plan

Price: $20 per month, $0.03 per hour

Configuration: CPU2 core, memory 4G, solid state drive 80G, monthly free traffic 4T (1T=1024G)

-Choose a datacenter region

You can choose any region that you want.

-Remote login settings

There are two methods to login: public & private key login , password login. This article uses password login.

Make sure you set the right password according to the tips. For example of the right form:

-Number of Droplets

The number of servers can be reduced or increased through the-and + buttons. The server host name can be modified through the text box on the right

-Create server

Scroll to the the bottom, click ‘Create Droplet’.

The page automatically jumps to the home page, and the server installation progress is displayed in real time.

Thirdly, set the firewall for your droplets.

Click Networking on the left sidebar. Select ‘Firewalls’, click the ‘Create Firewall’ button to create

The inbound rules are set as follows:

The four ports 9000, 19081, 19082, and 19085 are allowed to enter the public network.

Click the drop-down arrow of New rule and select ‘Custom’. Modify it to 9000 at Ports

Also note that port 9000 needs to be set twice because both TCP and UDP protocols need to be set for release.

Then click New rule to set the remaining ports in turn (all TCP protocols)

Double Check the Filewall Settings.

Click on Droplets in the left column, and then click on one of the servers.

Click ‘Networking’ to confirm.



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