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How to Win TOP Tokens — The Ultimate Guide to Testnet 2.0 Chat Mining

It’s been almost a week since chat mining went live! Are you having fun and winning TOP Tokens?

For those new to the game, we provide a thorough guide for you to use Testnte 2.0 Chat and to win some tokens while chatting!

First Step

Get your accounts ready!

2. Sign up at our Telegram bounty bot: Token rewards you get from chat mining will be distributed as points in the bot, which can be later redeemed to tokens. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bot to finish setting up your account.

Get Familiar

Great, now that you have the accounts, you are ready to dive in!

You can access the Chat from our website.

The Chat has a few sections. You can change your profile, send messages and red packets (using your test tokens) on the Chat.

You can also open red packets in the chat history and earn some test tokens!

Mine Some TOP Tokens!

Now you’re playing around with Chat, but how do you get chat mining rewards?

Easy, you get it just by being active in the chat!

Chat mining rewards are given out every two hours to randomly selected active users in the past two hours. If you have been active in Testnet Chat in the past two hours, you would have a chance to receive rewards. Each reward contains 2,000 bot points (20 TOP Tokens) and 3,000 Test Tokens!

Be active in the group by chatting and sending red packets! Chat about blockchain news, ask questions about TOP Network project, or simply greet your fellow miners! Don’t miss out!

Note: No spamming or flooding please. Spamming & flooding does NOT increase your chance of winning the mining rewards.

Receive the Tokens!

If you got a pop-up golden packet, it means you got some mining rewards!

Click open the packet, and you’ll receive 3,000 Test Tokens & 2,000 TOP Tokens.

Test Tokens are automatically sent to your Testnet wallet address. You can check all your test token transaction history at:

Bot points are sent to your account on our Telegram bounty bot as bot points.

Therefore, make sure you have registered an account on the Telegram bounty bot, and then link your Testnet wallet address to the bot. Here is how you do it:

2. Follow the instructions, enter your Testnet wallet addresss in the chat box to link it to the bot.

3. You can find your wallet address here:

One More Thing — Leaderboard

There’s a Leaderboard section on the Chat.

The leaderboard shows the amount of test tokens you’ve gained/lost from CHAT activities (red packets, chat mining & the lottery to come) during the current activity week.

TOP 10 winners of every activity week will receive 500 TOP Tokens each. 10 lucky birds randomly drawn from TOP 11–100 will receive 100 TOP Tokens each.

Leaderboard is updated once every day at midnight PST.

Note: Test tokens received from transactions will not be counted. The winning list will be announced in our Telegram group at the end of every activity week. Rewards will be automatically sent to your bot accounts.

All right, this is it for today! New guide will come out when lottery is ready! Have fun with Testnet 2.0 and let us know if you have further questions! Contact admins in our Telegram group:

If you find bugs or have any suggestions, please report here:



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