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Improved Transaction Speed Keeps the Continuous Active of TOP Chain

With the continuous optimization of the TOP team, the performance of the TOP public chain has been greatly improved, the transactions on the chain remain active, and the transaction speed is further improved.

Throughout the history of blockchain, public chains are struggling in their development. On the one hand, blockchain projects are blooming, but after ten years of development, there is still no public chain that can replace the current Internet. The public chain is the underlying infrastructure for a large number of decentralized applications. Only a fast, cheap, and scalable public chain can undertake the large-scale implementation of various applications. And only in this way can the public chain have the opportunity to become a high ground for high-level applications.

The TOP public chain is advancing towards this high ground. Thanks to the launching of BitVPN on the chain, the TOP public chain currently maintains a daily transaction volume of around 20,000 and has successfully become one of the most active public chains. At the same time, the launching of BitVPN on the TOP public chain also provides a major application scenario for TOP. BitVPN users can pay TOP tokens for the data they used, which means that all BitVPN users will become TOP users. This will be an immeasurable market in the future.

However, this is only a start for TOP Network. The TOP team is still optimizing the TOP public chain and moving towards a more ambitious target.

In the first two months of this year, the TOP public chain deleted the consensus of “confirming transactions”, which reduced the transaction process, greatly increased the transaction speed, and made a major improvement in user experience. In the future, the TOP public chain will completely change the impression of slow transaction speed and high transaction fees given by public chains including Ethereum.

Secondly, the TOP public chain also reduces the disk space required by REC and advance nodes, relieves the storage pressure of nodes, and simplified transaction information. The benefit is that the cost for miners to participate in mining is lower because once the required storage space gets lower, the cost for miners to purchase disks decreases accordingly.

In addition, in terms of the security of node election, the TOP team has conducted continuous stress tests on the TOP public chain to ensure that the data on the TOP chain is safe and reliable. The main purpose of the stress test is to check whether the TOP node election is still accurate and feasible in the case of a large increase in the mainnet nodes in the future.

TOP Network is the world’s first blockchain platform that has been completely built for Web 3.0 since its initial design. To achieve the business goals of Web 3.0, the TOP public chain took the lead in realizing the full-state sharding, and innovatively applied technologies such as double-layer lattice, double-layer sharding, and parallel PBFT based on the DAG data structure. With the continuous efforts of the TOP team, the TOP public chain will further improve its performance, expand its ecology, and truly become the first public chain to build Web3.0.

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