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OFFICIAL! TOP Network Establishes Partnership with Krypto Knight

April 13, 2021 — TOP Network and Krypto Knight are pleased to announce that they have established a formal strategic partnership. In the future, the two parties will carry out close and in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as market promotion, network construction, community expansion, and technical operation and maintenance.

Through this cooperation, Krypto Knight will officially launch TOP Staking in its mining pool, allowing more miners to mine TOP mainnet through TOP Staking. As more users participate in TOP Staking, the TOP ecosystem will be further expanded, which is of great significance to the future development of TOP. At the same time, Krypto Knight will officially join the TOP mainnet, become a node in the TOP mainnet, participate in the construction of the TOP ecosystem, and witness the gradual development and growth of the TOP ecosystem.

About Krypto Knight

Krypto Knight is a trusted blockchain infrastructure and node service provider based in the U.S. The company focuses on promising decentralized blockchain protocols and they have rich experiences in node management on all leading public chains. Their team, seasoned professionals from Wall Street & Silicon Valley, specializes in both Technology and Economics.

High availability has always been the priority of their business. They have experienced engineers and utilize hybrid cloud deployment to ensure redundancy while achieving nodes monitoring and disaster prevention 24/7, to make sure of high availability.

About TOP Network

TOP Network is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem composed of 4th-generation public blockchain, decentralized Apps (DApps) and decentralized communications services.

TOP Chain, the public blockchain infrastructure underpinning the entire decentralized ecosystem, is the world’s first full-state sharding public chain and a high-performance platform for large-scale DApps. Powered by an innovative three-layered ledger architecture consisting of a main chain, service chains, and off-chain ledgers, TOP Chain is capable of handling real-world business of any size and volume. TOP Chain applies technological innovations such as a two-layer lattice DAG, two-layer sharding, and a parallel pBFT-PoS consensus mechanism, making a single chain capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second. Equipped with high TPS, airtight security, and extremely fast confirmation times, TOP Chain is a reliable platform for services demanding high-frequency transactions such as communication, gaming, social media, big data, artificial intelligence, IoT, and more.

The long-term mission of TOP Network is to build a public blockchain infrastructure for all DApps. Our world-class team of over 100 developers is striving for this goal. We have already developed HiWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet, and are currently developing a series of blockchain games and more large-scale DApps on top of the ecosystem.

Moreover, over 100 million global users will be progressively migrated from the pre-existing communications Apps — Dingtone, CoverMe, and SkyVPN — to TOP Chain, generating a huge volume of transactions and traffic to make TOP a prosperous blockchain ecosystem.

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TOP Network is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem composed of public blockchain, DApps & decentralized communication.

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TOP Network Official Account

TOP Network Official Account

TOP Network is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem composed of public blockchain, DApps & decentralized communication. Website:

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