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Share 5,000,000 TOP in the TOP Mainnet Experience Week

Round 2 Bounty Duration: October 20-November 4(SGT)

Each participated address in our TOP chain will share 5,000,000 native TOP as a reward. The more interaction you participate in, the more rewards you will get!

Types of interactions and the corresponding reward weights in the TOP mainnet:

1. Staking to swap for votes * 1

2. Staking to get gas * 1

3. Transfer between TOP addresses * 2

4. Vote * 3

5. Withdrawal of votes * 3

6. Claiming voting rewards * 3

For example, a TOP address participates in 2 Staking to swap for votes, 10 transfers, 3 votes, and 1 withdrawal during the experience week, then its corresponding share is 2*1+10*2+3*3+1*3 = 34. According to the share of this address in all participating addresses in the total network, the corresponding TOP reward can be obtained. All addresses participating during this period can share rewards.

How to use TOPIO?

At the same time, we are also looking for TOP bug hunters. If you find any bugs in the process, whether it is HiWallet, or TOPIO, or the mainnet, submit the problem to the form (problem description + screenshot + TOP mainnet address). After evaluation by the development team, you can get a reward ranging from 5,000 to 500,000 TOP. Everyone is free to participate!

Problem submission form:

Note: Interpretation rights are reserved for TOP Network team.



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