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Swap ERC-20 TOP to Native TOP as Soon as Possible

It is exciting to announce HuobiGlobal will support native TOP trading very soon. During this process, deposit and withdrawal will be closed. After the token swap is completed, the trading competition will be live. Stay tuned!

👉Meanwhile, please withdraw ERC20-TOP if your staking expired, and complete the swap process:
Step 1: Cancel your votes from the node.
Step 2: Withdraw your staking TOP.
Step 3: Swap TOP from ERC-20 to native one.

Please refer to the detailed tutorial from TOP Doc👇

📍TOP Swap supporting:
1. Swap TOP on your phone with HiWallet. Find ‘TOP Swap’ in HiWallet to complete this process.
2. Swap TOP on PC with Metamask.
*Open TOP Swap website:

How to get a native TOP address?
1. Get it from HiWallet:
Enter your email address and the system will send you the APK.
2. Get it from Topia plug-in wallet.
Open Chrome on your desktop and install Topia from the below link:

👇About TOP Network

TOP Network is mainly committed to providing services for massive ordinary users, satisfying high-demand user experience, supporting cost-sensitive large-scale real business, and is the blockchain infrastructure of the Internet of Value.

Businesses such as Web3.0, GameFi, and Metaverse, which are very sensitive to transaction throughput, transaction confirmation speed, transaction fees, and user experience, are the core businesses in the TOP Network ecosystem. To support these businesses, TOP Chain has built a powerful public chain with low cost, low entry barrier, and high throughput via a series of innovative technologies such as sharding and a three-layer network, which has strong adaptability and can meet the requirements of high frequency and real-time performance of the real businesses.

In the future, the TOP team will continuously build a series of infrastructures related to Web3.0, GameFi, and Metaverse and provide unified specifications, solving the drawbacks of these businesses, such as high investment in infrastructure, too long cycle, inability to interconnect, and threats to privacy and security. These infrastructures can serve DApps or centralized third-party Apps, supporting both individual customers and enterprise customers. In this process, the TOP team will fully combine the technical experiences in distributed communication and blockchain to show the unique value of the TOP Network.

Soon, TOP Network will further improve its performance, be compatible with the Ethereum specification, and achieve the free trading of assets across chains through the decentralized cross-chain bridge. Meanwhile, TOP Network will continue to make an effort on DeFi, GameFi, and NFT to enrich the TOP ecosystem.

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