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The plans and advantages of the TOP public chain in the Web3.0 era

The official birth date of the internet is January 1, 1983, but it started seeing traction in 1990 with the introduction of web browsers. The next iteration of the internet saw the boom of user-generated content and social networks. Besides the ubiquity of mobile devices and mobile internet access, this web 2.0 is dominated by a handful of companies.

Now, in the next evolution of the internet, the focus is on a user-centric environment. In Web3.0, the attempt is to overcome privacy, transparency, and accessibility. Here, creators and users will both share value.

The characteristics of this Web3.0 era are open, fair, decentralized, trustless, and permissionless networks.

As Web3.0 gains traction and mainstream attention, many popular projects have emerged, with Ethereum being the most popular. However, this smart contract platform struggles with extremely high fees that price out smaller users and slow transaction processing. As an alternative, projects like EOS raised billions of dollars for a faster and cheaper open-source blockchain platform, but the issue here is decentralization.

While EOS failed to emerge as a successful competitor, several projects have since been launched attempting to solve this problem. TOP Network is one such blockchain as we are building the foundation of Web 3.0.

TOP Network is a high-performance public blockchain platform built explicitly for real-world applications. We are fully permissionless for everyone and are highly secure thanks to hpBFT coupled with multiple verification and audit.

Our network has been continuously improving performance and expanding our ecology to become the first public chain to build this new phase of the internet.

Building the Web 3.0 Infrastructure

High-speed and low-cost transmission is actually the core of the TOP public chain. And we have already been hard at work this year. By deleting the consensus of “confirming transactions,” we have further reduced the transaction process and significantly increased the transaction speed, which has made a significant improvement in user experience, which is of great significance for Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Not only for the users, but our TOP public chain has also reduced the cost for miners to participate in the network and simplified transaction information.

Truth to be told, the TOP Network has actually been built exclusively for Web 3.0. While working towards this lofty goal, we have taken the lead in realizing the full-state sharding. Our innovative two-layer sharding will help us achieve throughputs exceeding 10,000 TPS.

But this doesn’t end here, as we are also moving forward with innovative technologies such as DAG data structure-based parallel PBFT, double-layer sharding, and double-layer lattice.

Additionally, we are also implementing Ethereum-compatible shards that will allow various dApps and assets on Ethereum to be migrated to the TOP public chain and enjoy the low fees and fast speed.

As for bringing the masses to the network, we have been working with the decentralized VPN service BitVPN. We are expanding our ecosystem with a decentralized exchange (DEX), a non-fungible token (NFT) platform, and GameFi products to attract user attention.

Furthermore, we reward users for participating in the network either as a miner or a voter. Users can already buy the token on CEXs like Huobi and Bithumb and DEXs like PancakeSwap and MDEX.

Our team is also planning to migrate to the GAS mechanism of the Ethereum EIP-1559. It will destroy TOP tokens and reduce its supply. At the same time, as we march towards our goal to build the Web3.0 infrastructure, the demand for the token will grow, creating a positive feedback loop for TOP prices — benefitting both the creators and users in the process.

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