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The TOP Bridge Is Launched, Supporting TOP Token Transfer Between BSC, HECO, and TOP Network

On February 18, TOP Bridge is officially launched. The TOP cross-chain bridge supports the TOP asset transfer between Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi Chain (HECO), and the TOP mainnet. Users who hold TOP can easily transfer between these three chains and swap TOP tokens.

Now, public chains have become more and more complete, but they are also becoming more and more isolated from each other like islands in the ocean. If these chains can be interconnected and interoperated, the on-chain extension will be improved and the development of blockchain will be improved.

To achieve asset transfer, information exchange, and application collaboration between different blockchain platforms, cross-chain technology emerges as the times require. Cross-chain technology is considered to be an effective solution to blockchain scalability issues. Simply put, cross-chain is a technology that realizes value and information transmission between independent blockchain networks. The advantages of different chains can be aggregated through cross-chain and the limitations of a single chain can be avoided. At the same time, cross-chain makes it possible for a single blockchain network to expand and builds a bridge to communicate between blockchains. The interconnection for value is truly achieved.

In the past year, the development of DeFi has been in full swing. In particular, BSC and HECO, the rising stars of the public chain, have gathered various DeFi products and a large number of assets and users. On the one hand, the launch of the TOP cross-chain bridge is to facilitate users to transfer TOP assets and promote TOP to a larger market. On the other hand, it is also a preparation for the TOP public chain to undertake the assets and users on the BSC and HECO chains.

The extremely high TPS & security, the fast transaction confirmation speed, and zero transaction fees make TOP Chain particularly suitable for the massive high-frequency services. Once the DeFi products on the BSC and HECO chains are transferred to the TOP Chain, users will truly enjoy a DeFi world with fast asset transactions and cheap handling fees.

At present, TOP has already launched the service of staking TOP to mine FIL in Filet on the BSC and HECO chains. Users only need to stake TOP tokens on BSC or HECO chain to join Filecoin mining without buying a mining machine, which greatly reduces the entrance barrier of Filecoin mining. At the same time, MDEX, the decentralized exchange, has also supported the trading of TOP on the BSC and HECO chains.

In the future, TOP will launch more cross-chain bridges to build the channels with more public chains and continue to expand the ecosystem. With the more and more applications of cross-chains, the development of DeFi will be further promoted. In the future blockchain world, an unprecedented super commercial form will be created. This super commercial form consists of all valuable blockchain protocols and the participants in each protocol who will obtain values and returns from it. And this kind of business form must be built based on asset interoperability.

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